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Scandinavian SysTune Training by Avon, Oslo, 28th - 29th Mar 2019
» Details

EASE Training Level 1, London, UK, 6th - 8th May 2019
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The companies listed below regularly publish further training offers related to AFMG software on their websites.

Markus Zehner, Switzerland, Germany
Design and tuning of sound reinforcement systems, esp. related to SysTune
Online classes for AFMG software by Emad El-Saghir


If you do not find any training offer appropriate to your needs you can also get in direct contact with us or with some of our distributors and partners to make a request.

AFMG Technologies, Europe
EASE, SysTune classes by AFMG staff members

AFMG Services North America, USA, Canada
EASE, EASE Evac, SysTune, EASERA classes by Bruce Olson, Charlie Hughes, Ana Jaramillo

EASE classes by Pavel Ignatov

Boutique Pro Audio, Colombia
EASE classes by Andrés Millán

Contralto Audio, Italy
EASE classes by Daniele Ponteggia

J.Tesori, Japan
EASE, SysTune, EASE Focus classes by Joji Kuriyama, France, Morocco
EASE, SysTune, EASE Focus classes by Thibaud Mezard

Scientific Acoustic and GUZ BOX design + audio, Australia, South-East Asia
EASE classes by Peter J. Patrick and Tim Kuschel

Sound Wizard, India
EASE classes by Didier Weiss


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the content of individual classes or workshops prepared and given by the above persons or companies.