SysTune Features

  • realtime analysis for live sound setups with audience present
  • 8 channels with sampling rates from 8 kHz to 192 kHz
  • realtime measurement in both time- and frequency-domain
  • multiple different measurement signals, including live sound using dual-channel FFT
  • display of impulse response, frequency response, phase response and group delay
  • evaluation of direct sound and early reflexions in relation to frequency
  • realtime spectrogram for feedback analysis
  • averaging of up to 8 input channels in realtime
  • suppression of noise interferences by SSA filter
  • Virtual EQ for simulation of the possible effects of parametric EQs
  • Web Interface for remote controlled measurements from virtually any mobile device with browser supporting SVG graphics
  • Delay Analysis module for fast and precise optimization of loudspeaker delay times
  • plug-in interface for external, third-party DSP controller software, e.g. Lake Controller, d&b R1 and many others
  • monitoring of levels like SPL and LEQ according to DIN 15905-5
  • calculation of RT and STI in realtime
  • measurement of SPL, LEQ and NC with level histogram
  • intuitive setting of loudspeaker delays using realtime impulse responses

To test compatibility with your hardware, how about simply downloading and trying our free demo- or 30-day-trial versions?