EASERA Pro Features

  • Program for measurement and analysis of electronical and acoustical systems
  • 32 channels with sampling rates from 8 kHz to 192 kHz
  • for all acoustical parameters according to ISO 3382...
    • impulse response,
    • frequency response,
    • reverberation time RT, T10, T20, T30,
    • clarity C7, C50, C80, etc.,
    • intelligibility STI und AlCons
  • many different exitement signals to choose from...
    • white, logarithmical (pink) and weighted sweeps,
    • sine-, impuls- and step-signals,
    • white, pink and weighted noise signals
  • MLS module included
  • In-situ measurements for data acquisition and external post-processing of absorption & reflection coefficients
  • external sources and recordings
  • live sound RTA displayed as diagram or spectrometry
  • 2 channel FFT analysis
  • drivers for Windows Direct Sound, Wave/MME, ASIO Audio, EASERA Gateway and AUBION X.8

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