EASE 3.0 Update 690

2000-12-11 18:11

Patch 680 has been replaced by an improved version 690. We strongly recommend to update. See Update section for details

EASE 3.0 Update 680

2000-11-28 18:11

  • Our new version 680 is online! We strongly recommend to update. See Update section for details
  • A new little jewel in our collection of tools:
    A description of the DXF-Import/Export abilities of EASE 3.0
    It is available in English as well as in German.

New EASE Tools Online

2000-10-29 18:07

We have got brandnew tools online today (Search for it under Service) :

  • A description of the EASE Wall Material Ascii Format
  • A MS Excel template to create files in such a format
  • The Loudspeaker MS Excel template has been also updated

EASE 3.0 Update 670

2000-10-12 19:07

The latest patch 67 for EASE can be found under Service/Updates.

EASE 3.0 Update 660

2000-09-08 19:06

Find the latest patch 66 under Service/Updates.

New EASE Downloads and Patches

2000-08-20 19:00

  • For all of you who do not like to enter balloon data into EASE or prepare ASCII-files we have the solution: An MS Excel template allowing you to insert balloon data using an input mask and to save it as an EASE 3.0 ASCII-file. Look for it under Service.
  • Another template for EASE Loudspeaker data can be found at the same location.
  • For the special group of users experiencing problems with the Intel Signal Processing Libraries (NSP dll's) we can now provide an update (Find it under Updates).  

EASE 3.0 Update 650

2000-06-15 18:58

We are so busy! Nevertheless there's another little update for the latest 3.0 version. Search for it under Updates.

Windows 2000 patch

2000-04-27 18:52

  • Who has problems with the toolbars under Windows 2000 ?
    Go to the Updates section and find a patch

Website Updated

2000-04-14 18:39

EASE Developer's Website updated:

  • Find 2 more dialogues in the FAQ section
  • The FirstAid.rtf has been updated to reflect the improvements of the 646 version - see Service

EASE 3.0 Update 646

2000-03-10 17:36

Find information about the new EASE version 3.0.0646 in the Updates area.