SysTune Measurement Workshops in Germany and Switzerland

2010-12-17 11:13

Class AFMG is happy to announce a new series of measurement workshops  Germany and Switzerland.

All Details in German

These 2-day classes run by instructor Markus Zehner provide in-depth knowledge for beginners as well as for advanced users. The seminars focus especially on tuning sound reinforcement systems using EASERA SysTune 1.1. Features of the new Pro version of SysTune will be covered as well.

Make sure you register soon, since these classes are usually sold out quickly.

Class schedule:

  • 8./9. February 2011 in Basel, Switzerland
  • 15./16. February 2011 in Heilbronn, Germany
  • 19./20. April 2011 in Berlin, Germany


Markus Zehner also offers a 4-day course "Sound System Engineering", which introduces the fundamentals of sound system planning and commissioning. Modeling tools are introduced on the basis of EASE and SysTune is used as the primary measurement software:

  • 11.-14. April 2011 in Schaffenhausen, Switzerland


New EASE Loudspeaker Data

2010-10-25 12:15

For the EASE simulation software package, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:

  • ActiveAudio: Updated EASE DLL for StepArray system
  • Ambient System: New loudspeaker data
  • FZ Audio: GLL data for J array series
  • Master Audio: GLL data for Xcellence series and line array
  • Meyer Sound: New GLL file for UPQ-2P
  • PAL: New GLL loudspeaker data
  • Turbosound: GLL loudspeaker data for Flex array and TCS systems
  • Worx Audio: GLL data for True Line series

To download the latest data select Help / Database Update in the EASE main window.

EASE Developer's Website

Database Update for EASE Focus

2010-10-22 12:20


AFMG is glad to announce new licensees of EASE Focus v2, AFMG's new 3D line array modeling software:

  • Renkus-Heinz, USA
  • Alcons Audio, The Netherlands
  • Seer Audio, China
  • IBO, China
  • Paragon Sound, Lebanon
  • WorxAudio, USA

The following database updates are now available:

  • FZ Audio: J Array
  • Turbosound: Flex and TCS
  • WorxAudio: TrueLine
  • Master Audio: Xcellence

The free software download and more information are located here:

EASE Focus Website

AFMG Releases EASE Focus 2

2010-10-15 14:40

Berlin, Germany, October 2010... Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) has released EASE Focus 2. This major upgrade to EASE Focus 1 adds a host of new features, including:

  • 3D direct sound modeling with plan view and section view displays
  • Simulation of digitally steered columns and other configurable loudspeakers
  • Modeling of multiple systems within a single project.

EASE Focus version 2 represents another stepping stone in AFMG's strategy to provide the pro-audio community with easy-to-use and accurate acoustic modeling software that is inexpensive or even free. The new version combines several years of feedback from Focus 1 users worldwide. In addition to 3D modeling of projects, which can now include multiple systems, Focus 2 empowers users to work with configurable loudspeakers such as digitally steered columns. It also supports the GLL loudspeaker data format and facilitates direct data exchange with EASE and other AFMG software. Other new features are a virtual equalizer for tuning systems within the simulation, and computational coverage of the entire audio bandwidth from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

EASE Focus v2 Screenshot

"EASE Focus 2 incorporates research that is summarized in our AES paper titled 'Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation,' which won this year's AES Publications Award," Stefan Feistel of AFMG commented. "We're proud of the advances represented by this software tool, and excited by the growing number of leading loudspeaker manufacturers who have already licensed it. We will continue to offer a 15% introductory discount on manufacturer licenses until December 1, 2010."

Dominic Harter, Sales Director of Turbosound adds: "The release of Focus 2 marks a leap forward in this free-to-end-user modeling software. We have been using the software on beta with Flex Array for several months: our beta clients are extremely happy. TURBOSOUND has long believed that the skill base and experience of the team at AFMG is second to none in our industry. We are speaker designers, and that is where we focus all our energy. For acoustic predictions we go to the experts - these are the experts."

"AFMG has a tremendous track record of producing practical, mathematically rigorous software tools for better sound," echoes Rik Kirby, VP of Sales & Marketing at Renkus-Heinz. "EASE Focus 2 represents another major step forward in our long-standing partnership with them, one that will make it even easier to tame difficult acoustic environments with our industry-leading Iconyx range of digitally steerable arrays."

"Digitally steered columns and mechanically aimed line arrays offer different solutions: either one can be right for a given application," commented Tom Back of Alcons Audio. "In either case, precision instruments require accurate simulation and configuration to deliver the best achievable sound. EASE Focus 2 is a powerful yet easy-to-use software tool that unlocks the potential of our pro-ribbon sound systems."

EASE Focus 2 is free to end users. The program is available direct from AFMG at http://EaseFocus.com. EASE Focus 2 is also available from licensing manufacturers including Turbosound, Renkus-Heinz, Alcons Audio, FZ Audio, LD Premium, K-array, POL-AUDIO, Fane Systems, Master Audio, Seer Audio, IBO, Paragon Sound, and WorxAudio. AFMG will continue to make EASE Focus 1 freely available to end users, and to license it to loudspeaker manufacturers who do not need the added power and flexibility of EASE Focus 2.

Please see also:

AFMG Press Release

AFMG Research on Line Array Modeling and Measurement Earns AES Publications Award

2010-09-14 14:40

AFMG Reflex

AFMG Research on Line Array Modeling and Measurement Earns AES Publications Award

Berlin, Germany, August 2010….Stefan Feistel and Wolfgang Ahnert of Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG), along with Ambrose Thompson of Martin Audio, will receive The AES Publications Award during the 129th AES Convention, November 4 — 7 in San Francisco, CA.

Their winning article, selected as the outstanding paper published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society during the previous two years, is titled "Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation". It appeared in JAES Volume 57 (June 2009), Issue 6, pp. 379 — 402. The AES Publications Award "is to be made solely on the merit and quality of the published work" according to AES guidelines.

"We are proud to accept this award in recognition of our work on accurate and efficient measurement and modeling of line arrays", says Stefan Feistel of AFMG. "We have developed techniques that are now in constant use worldwide. This paper outlines the methodology behind simulating the performance of modern line arrays with EASE DLL’s and the GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library), derives the related mathematical framework and presents guidelines for loudspeaker data acquisition. With the essential participation of Martin Audio’s Ambrose Thompson, we were able to demonstrate the practical feasibility and applicability of the approach."

The AES Publications Award is given each year to the authors of the outstanding paper published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES) during the previous two years. In keeping with the anonymous donor’s desire to stimulate publication by younger members of the Society, nominations are restricted to authors under 35 in alternate years. This year is one of those in which AES guidelines allow recommendations to be made without regard to age. A Review Board consisting of Associate Technical Editors of the JAES recommends candidates for the award, considering such questions as:

  • Is the subject timely and important?
  • Is this a definitive paper on the subject?
  • Is this a clear presentation of the subject?
  • Is the paper complete and “readable”?

The Editor then consults with members of the Review Board to select the winner.

The authors of “Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation” are Stefan Feistel of AFMG, Ambrose Thompson of Martin Audio, and Wolfgang Ahnert of AFMG. AES members and non-members can download the award-winning paper from the AES website http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=14823.

Please see also:

AFMG Press Release

AFMG Offers Trade-Up for EASERA and SysTune

2010-08-06 14:40

AFMG Offers Trade-Up for EASERA and SysTune

Berlin, Germany, August 2010….AFMG and Renkus-Heinz, the worldwide distributor for AFMG’s SysTune and EASERA programs, today announce a $200 upgrade offer for owners of MLSSA, TEF and Smaart.

The two popular measurement tools from Ahnert Feistel Media Group have been regularly upgraded since their introduction. AFMG’s policy is to support customers by continually improving their software programs and providing frequent significant program updates to users at no charge – 10 in the last five years for EASE and three in three years for SysTune.

“Our aim,” says AFMG’s managing director Stefan Feistel, “is to make the decision easier for owners of other measurement systems, whether they have current versions or not, to upgrade to AFMG's popular measurement systems by providing a $200 upgrade allowance.”

Renkus-Heinz marketing manager Margie Ulm adds: “We are excited to offer all owners of an existing MLSSA, TEF or Smaart measurement system an inexpensive step-up. SysTune and EASERA have been very well received throughout the industry and rapidly established themselves as the toolkit for professionals.”

SysTune, widely acclaimed for its ability to produce accurate measurements during live events, is popular worldwide with live sound engineers.

It allows a sound system to be tuned in the middle of a show with an audience present in the venue.  SysTune acquires impulse response data using ordinary program material as the stimulus. A ‘virtual filter’ simulates the effect of EQ and crossover adjustments on actual measurements. Filter settings can be modeled in SysTune and stored for transfer to EASE, EASE Focus or DSP control software like Podware, IRIS-Net and RHAON.

SysTune will also run DSP plug-ins and will operate via a single screen GUI with them. SysTune presents an easy-to-use yet solid GUI that enables a system technician to view single-source or spatially averaged measurements, take corrective action using the onboard DSP in powered loudspeakers, and see the results in real time.

EASERA is an all-in-one software package for acoustic and electronic measurements. EASERA makes all of the most useful and important audio test and measurement tools – MLS (Maximum Length Sequence), TDS (Time Delay Spectrometry) and dual-FFT – available to anyone with a laptop PC and a compatible sound card.
EASERA is a two-channel measurement system with a maximum sample rate of 48 kHz. EASERA PRO allows up to 32 simultaneous inputs and outputs at sample rates of up to 192 kHz with individual volume controls, record and playback modes and re-sampling.

Once data has been acquired, EASERA’s powerful post-processing features include RT and STI measurements, distortion analysis as well as all room acoustic quantities according to ISO 3382. The RTA module displays a real-time level chart, a level histogram or a spectrogram. The waterfall module provides extensive analysis functions for room modes and loudspeaker performance in both time and frequency.

The $200 upgrade offer is available from Renkus-Heinz distributors worldwide.

For details please see:


AFMG at ICA 2010 in Sydney

2010-08-04 14:32

AFMG Shows Latest Acoustic Tools at ICA 2010 in Sydney

Berlin, Germany, August 2010. AFMG, developer of industry leading electro-acoustics measurement and analysis products EASE, EASERA, SysTune, AUBION and more, will be exhibiting at the 20th International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney, Australia, on 23-27 August on booth #17. AFMG's activities at ICA are supported by Renkus-Heinz, worldwide distributor of various AFMG products.

AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Media Group) will show its growing range of software and hardware tools for audio and acoustics professionals in the fields of architectural acoustics, installed sound and live sound. Peter Patrick, head of acoustic consultants Scientific Acoustics, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.

On show will be the EASE 4.3 AURA module, with a special focus on the new AURA-Remote calculation service, and the EASERA room acoustic measurement software.

Also designed for acousticians and consultants, AFMG Reflex software models the scattering properties of diffusors and other surface structures, while AFMG SoundFlow simulates the acoustic absorption and transmission properties of multi-layer walls.

Aiding accuracy in acquiring these measurements is the new AUBION X.8 professional 8-channel measurement interface and soundcard, AFMG’s latest hardware product on display at ICA 2010.

For acousticians as well as for live sound engineers, AFMG’s SysTune measurement software, now in version 1.1, represents a remarkable – if not incredible – step forward in its ability to take accurate acoustical measurements in real time even when an audience is present.

SysTune 1.1 eliminates the need to perform acoustic measurements and system tuning in an empty room or stadium before the crowd arrives and then hoping the crowd’s effect on performance has been correctly factored in. The software acquires room acoustic impulse response data using live program material and simultaneously displays time-domain and frequency-domain measures in real time, and automatically produces accurate, repeatable measurements every time.

AFMG’s policy is to support its software customers with regular updates, mostly free of charge, and has just announced a US$200 discount offer for owners of MLSSA, TEF and Smaart wishing to upgrade to EASERA or SysTune.

For details please see also:

ICA 2010


EASE Classes in Fall 2010

2010-08-01 19:29

AFMG is happy to announce the following EASE seminars to be held this fall:

  • EASE Class in Berlin, Germany, 6.-8. October 2010, hosted by ADA and AFMG, instructor Emad El-Saghir. Details
  • EASE Class in Foot Hill Ranch, California, USA, 15.-17. November 2010, hosted by Renkus-Heinz, instructors Jim Mobley and Jonas Domkus. Details
  • Akustische Simulation und Beschallungsplanung mit EASE, TU Berlin, Germany, 8.-10. October 2010, by Prof. Anselm Goertz, Prof. Alfred Schmitz and Prof. Stefan Weinzierl. Details

EASE Developer's Website

Database Update for EASE Focus

2010-07-12 12:20


AFMG is glad to announce more official licensees of EASE Focus v2, AFMG's new 3D line array modeling software (Details):

  • POL-AUDIO, Poland
  • Fane Systems - JCL, Spain
  • Master Audio, Spain

The following database updates are now available:

  • dBTechnologies: DVA line array systems

The free software download and more information are located here:

EASE Focus Website

SDA Establishes New Website

2010-07-09 14:52

SDA Website

SDA is happy to announce that the transfer of its English and German website to a CMS-based platform was successfully finished. The new homepage will provide customers with more information more quickly. Being closely connected to its distribution company AFMG, SDA shares some of AFMG's product and news pages.

Please see us at www.sda.de.