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2010-07-07 10:21

AFMG on Facebook

With the Infocomm 2010 tradeshow AFMG established its presence on Facebook to provide all users with quick status updates for our software as well as the latest information on developments in and around our company.

Please visit:

AFMG on Facebook

Data Updates for EASE Focus

2010-05-29 12:20


AFMG is proud to announce the first official licensees of EASE Focus v2, AFMG's new 3D line array modeling software (Details):

  • FZ, Brazil
  • Turbosound, UK
  • LD Premium, Germany
  • K-array, Italy

The following companies recently licensed EASE Focus, the industry standard for line array modeling:

  • Selenium Electronica S/A, Brazil
  • K-array, Italy

The following database updates are now available:

  • GRF: LPA and LK line array systems

The free software download and more information are located here:

EASE Focus Website

EASE 4.3.9 released

2010-05-28 19:29

The third maintenance update for EASE 4.3 was published. Note that the upgrade to EASE 4.3 is free for all EASE 4.0/4.1/4.2 users.

The update can be downloaded from the AFMG Download Portal.

EASE Developer's Website

New EASE Tools Go Beta

2010-05-25 12:13

AFMG SoundFlowAFMG is proud to announce the Beta cycle for a set of new modeling programs related to room acoustics and building acoustics as well as to EASE and EASE AURA.

AFMG SoundFlow is a newly designed software for simulating sound propagation in multi-layered walls. Based on the physical properties of the building materials and the configuration of the wall structure it calculates the absorption coefficient and reflection coefficient as well as the transmission loss for all frequencies and angles of incidence. Its algorithms make use of the fundamental theory of sound absorbers as developed by Mechel, Bies and others. Calculation times are short and results can be exported immediately. Computed absorption data can also be imported directly into EASE.

Another tool expanding the capabilities of the EASE software and its modules is the new AURA-Remote program. As a plug-in to EASE it allows all AURA users to speed up their calculation times by orders of magnitude using the remote server farm of AFMG. EASE users can launch the calculation service directly from within the EASE user interface. However, AURA calculations are not performed on the local PC but on a massively parallelized computer cloud. After the calculation is finished, results can be downloaded and viewed in EASE like normal. In addition to gaining the speed increase users may also submit multiple calculation jobs at once and let the calculation network carry them out independently without requiring further user interaction.

AFMG Reflex

Last but not least, AFMG finally publishes a software AFMG Reflex to calculate the scattering of sound waves incident on a structured surface or diffusive geometry. The tool was already demonstrated at recent ASA and ICA conventions and its simulation accuracy compared to published measurement data of various diffusors. The software is using a sophisticated BEM model in the background along with a highly multi-threaded calculation engine to provide results interactively. Polar plots as well as the scattering and the diffusion coefficient can be viewed and exported. Derived scattering coefficients can be used directly in EASE.

To join the Beta of EASE and the tools listed above, please register using this Beta form.

To see a preview of these new programs, please visit our workshops and presentations at Infocomm.

Spring Classes Review - Call for Classes

2010-05-20 12:20

Review of 2010 Spring Classes

We would like to provide a brief review of the most recent workshops run by AFMG, Renkus-Heinz and Markus Zehner.

The last EASE class held in Berlin from April 28th-30th, was sold out and all participants enjoyed three days of advanced EASE content, meeting with the developers and establishing new contacts to other professionals. Instructor Emad El-Saghir said: "It was my pleasure teaching this class. It had an exceptionally high level due to the great working knowledge and experience of the participants. We did not even have to touch the basics anymore."

EASE Class in Berlin, Germany EASE Class in Berlin, Germany

Recent System Engineering classes and SysTune Measurement workshops run by Markus Zehner were also very well received. Especially the new 4-day Sound System Engineering course was warmly welcomed by the community due to its hands-on layout and the inclusion of simple sound system design studies.

SSE Class in Schaffhausen, Switzerland SSE Class in Schaffhausen, Switzerland SSE Class in Ludwigsburg, Germany SSE Class in Ludwigsburg, Germany SSE Class in Ludwigsburg, Germany

As often, this May's EASE class hosted and run by Renkus-Heinz, CA, USA, was completely sold out. For participants from all over the country these entry-level classes taught by Jim Mobley and Jonas Domkus provide a great opportunity to gain professional knowledge and learn how to use EASE within a short time frame.

Level 1 EASE Class in Orange County, CA, USA Level 1 EASE Class in Orange County, CA, USA

After 2008, this year AFMG was again present at AES Brazil. Instructor Bruce Olson conducted several training classes and workshops. The interest in EASE, SysTune and other programs was very high so that all classes were well attended.

AES Brazil EASE Class AES Brazil SysTune Class


Call for classes

Please contact us if you would like to:

  • Host a training class. Include information about the software, preferred area and time period.
  • Teach a training class. Include your CV and resume of teaching experience.
  • Take a training class. Include information about the software, preferred area and time period.

This applies to any of our products. Please send an email to support[AT]afmg.eu.

New EASE Loudspeaker Data

2010-05-20 12:15

For the EASE simulation software package, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:

  • Belisle Acoustique: Data updates for Transparence series
  • Beta Three: New GLL loudspeaker data
  • Community: Updates for the R-Series loudspeakers
  • d&b audiotechnik: Various E-Series loudspeaker models updated
  • Meyer Sound: New GLL files for UPA-1P, UP-4XP and JM-1P
  • Silver Acoustic: GLL data file for MMX line arrays

To download the latest data select Help / Database Update in the EASE main window.

EASE Developer's Website

EASE (China) Opens Measurement Lab

2010-04-28 12:13

Jack SuiHeaded by Xing (Jack) Sui and located in Hong Kong, EASE (China) will now provide loudspeaker measurement services. All measurements are conducted with a high degree of accuracy utilizing an anechoic chamber in Beijing as well as a sophisticated turning robot manufactured by the German company Four Audio and AFMG's professional measurement software EASERA.

The measurement engine has been developed jointly by EASE (China) and AFMG. It is able to provide high-resolution loudspeaker data, with respect to both magnitude and phase and at a high frequency and angular resolution. Regular loudspeaker boxes but also column loudspeakers and line array systems can be measured directly and very precisely.

Measurement data acquired includes directional (balloon) data at angular resolutions of up to 1 degree, as well as data for loudspeaker sensitivity and maximum power.

Using the EASE SpeakerLab software the raw measurement data is then transformed into an EASE GLL data file which describes a loudspeaker or a line array in high resolution including all acoustic, electronic and mechanical data. GLL files can then be used in modeling software applications like EASE, EASE Focus or EASE Address.


Immediately after its opening, the measurement laboratory resumed its work. A set of Beta Three loudspeakers manufactured by the Chinese company Elder Audio is currently being measured. The resulting Loudspeaker data files are verified and then added to the EASE database.

For more details please contact www.ease-china.cn.

SysTune Measurement Workshops in Germany and Switzerland

2010-03-23 11:13

Class AFMG is happy to announce another series of measurement workshops in German-speaking countries.

All Details in German

These 2-day classes run by instructor Markus Zehner provide in-depth knowledge for beginners as well as for advanced users. The seminars focus especially on tuning sound reinforcement systems using EASERA SysTune 1.1. Features of the new Pro version of SysTune will be covered as well.

Make sure you register soon, since these classes are usually sold out quickly.

Class schedule:

  • 26./27. April 2010 in Hamburg, Germany
  • 29./30. April 2010 in Cologne, Germany
  • 4./5. Mai 2010 in Nürtingen, Germany


Markus Zehner also offers a new 4-day cours "Sound System Engineering", which introduces the fundamentals of sound system planning and commissioning. Modeling tools are introduced on the basis of EASE and SysTune is used as the primary measurement software:

  • 12.-15. April in Schaffenhausen, Switzerland
  • 19.-22. April in Ludwigsburg, Germany


EASE Classes in Spring 2010

2010-03-03 18:29

AFMG is happy to announce the following EASE classes to be held this spring:

  • Berlin, Germany, 28.-30. April 2010, hosted by ADA and AFMG, instructor Emad El-Saghir. Details
  • Foot Hill Ranch, California, USA, 17.-19. May 2010, hosted by Renkus-Heinz, instructors Jim Mobley and Jonas Domkus. Details
  • ShenZhen, China, 8.-10. June 2010, run by EASE China, instructor Jack (Xing) Sui. Details

EASE Developer's Website

AFMG's EASE Focus v2 goes Beta

2010-02-02 11:20

Focus 2 Beta 1
Screenshot Focus 2 Beta 1

The Beta cycle of the version 2 upgrade for Focus, AFMG's generic line array aiming software, was launched on the 2nd of February. The new version of Focus includes many major new features, such as:

  • 3D modeling capabilities including horizontal coverage and elevation views
  • Support for hi-res EASE GLL loudspeaker data
  • Multiple line arrays in one project
  • Application of digitally steered columns
  • Virtual EQ
  • much more...

If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

  • Be an experienced user of EASE Focus v1.62
  • Be able to communicate by email
  • Read, fill out and sign the Beta form located here: Beta Form Focus v2

General information about the software can be found here:

EASE Focus Website