SysTune 1.3 goes Beta – Integration with Lake Controller 6

2012-12-07 11:20

SysTune 1.3 Beta

Since the release of SysTune 1.2 in May AFMG has received much positive feedback from the SysTune users especially on the new Delay Analysis and Web Interface features. The past months have been filled with intense work to add another popularly demanded plug in. Together with Lab.gruppen, AFMG has now established the seamless integration of SysTune with the Lake Controller 6.

SysTune beta testers have received the first beta release of SysTune 1.3 last week to once again set out on a quest for perfect usability and optimized functionality. If you are an audio professional using SysTune with Lake controllers on a daily basis and would like to try out this new feature as a beta tester, please sign up here.

EASERA 1.2 Released!

2012-11-30 11:20


This free upgrade to EASERA includes a number of major additions and improvements:

  • Improved folder structure providing full compliance with
    MS Windows Vista, 7 and 8 security guidelines
  • Updated licensing engine – please see the v1.2 upgrade document
  • Pro version: Support for scale model measurements
  • AUBION X.8 measurement device certified for TEF/TDS module
  • Polars module: Direct support for automated measurements using Outline ET2 and ET250-3D turntables, Four Audio ELF robot and LinearX LT 360 turntable
  • Software installer now includes tutorial documents
  • Various bugfixes and other improvements

The free upgrade is directly available through the AFMG Download Portal.

For more information please see:

EASERA Website

EASE Focus 2.2 Continues Success Story

2012-11-19 16:37

EASE Focus 2, AFMG´s free simulation tool, is the only available software able to model mixed loudspeaker systems quickly and intuitively. Version 2.2 is now available.

APG, Amadeus and Others Expand Data for EASE Focus 2 to Complete Product Ranges

Berlin, Germany, November 19, 2012 – With more than 1,000 downloads per month, EASE Focus 2 is probably the most-installed sound system simulation tool worldwide. Three simple reasons provide explanation for this success: EASE Focus is the only free loudspeaker system design and simulation software open to all manufacturers; EASE Focus is the only such software supporting a mixture of different brands within one project; and EASE Focus is free for the end user. – With the release of Version 2.2, the sound software professionals at AFMG continue to add further features, making the software even more valuable to system technicians around the world.

Originally starting out as a design study for 2D line array simulation, EASE Focus 1 has quickly found enthusiastic supporters in many renowned loudspeaker manufacturers. The idea of an independent, free tool for the prediction of sound radiation by line arrays proved so successful that public demand soon urged AFMG to continue development. EASE Focus 2 followed, adding 3D simulation and supporting multiple sound sources in one setup. Also, Focus was no longer limited to line arrays. So-called “configurable loudspeakers” (steerable column loudspeakers and other complex, configurable sources) were supported by the new DLL options. Of course, Focus 2 allowed the construction of complete venues with multiple audience areas, calculating sound dispersion from up to eight sources. What was new and unique was that several types of loudspeakers and even different manufacturers could be mixed within the project.

Major Enhancement: Conventional Loudspeakers

As with every AFMG software release, the October 2012 update to EASE Focus 2 brings several interesting features that make work even easier and quicker. EASE Focus 2.2 now supports conventional “box-type” loudspeakers in a mixed project together with line arrays. A maximum of 16 sound sources can be combined to a complex system, opening up an incredible number of use-cases: front-fills, side-fills, under-balcony systems, delay lines, etc. – in all possible combinations with the main systems! This option really provides a leap for the planning work of engineers and system technicians especially in the rental business.

Professional preparation of every medium or large production nowadays implies simulation. Mathieu Delquignies of French manufacturer APG explains the benefits of EASE Focus: “Coverage and SPL predictions are very close to reality. EASE Focus has proven not only to be an indispensable help for touring system techs but also a useful sales support tool.” Gaetan Byk, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, France, adds: “It seemed vital to us to offer our customers such a powerful and above all free interface.” – Both companies provide EASE Focus data for their complete range of products.

EASE Focus provides additional benefit to the engineer with many useful tools. SPL and frequency response can be examined and compared across all audience areas and “Virtual EQ” settings can be simulated. The DLL concept allows manufacturers to provide all control options of their systems (including DSP settings) and users to pre-configure their setups to become turnkey solutions for a production. Monitoring rigging loads and height limitations of a venue during simulation and the detailed reports generated by EASE Focus make installation and configuration on site an easy game and just as quick and precise as the simulation. Further manufacturers are currently supplying conventional loudspeaker data for Focus 2.2 such as LAX, RCF and Renkus-Heinz.

Getting EASE Focus 2.2

EASE Focus 2.2 is Microsoft Windows software, running smoothly under Parallels or in Bootcamp.

For more information and to download the free installation version please visit http://focus.afmg.eu.

Loudspeaker manufacturers interested in supplying their data to the EASE Focus community, please contact AFMG directly: sales@afmg.eu

EASE Focus 2.2: Add front fills and delay lines to your line array setup!

2012-11-14 17:09

EASE Focus – A Success Story

With more than 1,000 downloads per month, EASE Focus 2 is probably the most-installed sound system simulation tool worldwide.

Three simple reasons provide explanation for this success:

  • EASE Focus is the only free loudspeaker system design and simulation software open to all manufacturers.
  • EASE Focus is the only such software supporting different brands in the same project.
  • EASE Focus is free for the end user.

With the release of Version 2.2, our developers here at AFMG continue to add further features, making the software even more valuable to system technicians around the world.


Support for Conventional Loudspeakers – New in EASE Focus 2.2

The October-Update of EASE Focus 2 brings full support for Windows 7 & 8 and doubles the maximum number of sources supported in a project; a prerequisite for the main novelty in the number one PA simulation tool: EASE Focus 2.2 can now model conventional loudspeakers within a mixed system together with line arrays and digitally steered columns! System technicians will be able to integrate normal “box-type” loudspeakers provided by their manufacturers into a complex setup.

The number of use-cases is incredible:

  • Front-fills,
  • Side-fills,
  • Under-balcony systems,
  • Delay lines etc.
  • ... in all possible combinations with the main systems!

This new option really provides a leap for the planning work of engineers and system technicians especially in the rental business.

Early Adopters: Good Reasons for EASE Focus 2.2

French-based leading companies Amadeus and APG are among the first manufacturers to provide EASE Focus data for their complete range of loudspeakers. We have asked them, "Which key factors led to your decision?"


We wanted to provide APG users with a fast and accurate “on the go” modeling solution for touring system techs as well as a more in-depth evaluation tool for acoustic consultants. Since the launch of APG’s GLL data in April 2012, our customers have implemented many successful installations, from distributed sound systems to major, high power line arrays using EASE Focus 2.2. Coverage and SPL predictions are very close to reality. As a result, it has also proven to be a useful sales support tool.
- Mathieu Delquignies, Product Manager APG


It seemed vital to us to offer Amadeus users data they could use within a well-known, powerful and above all free interface! That is why we decided to extend our EASE Focus license, originally dedicated to line array DIVA systems, to PMX Series coaxial systems and to ML Series bass speakers.
- Gaetan Byk, Marketing Manager Amadeus

Further manufacturers are currently supplying conventional loudspeaker data for Focus 2.2 such as LAX, RCF and Renkus-Heinz.

You have not downloaded EASE Focus 2.2 yet? – Get your free, unlimited version quickly!

SysTune Patents Real Time Technology

2012-09-25 17:56

Patents granted for AFMG´s RTD technology for processing of full-length impulse responses in real time.

Patents in the US and Germany have been granted to AFMG for their Real Time Deconvolution technology. No other audio measurement software is able to deliver full-length impulse responses and other measurement data derived from them in real time.

AFMG’s prime measurement software SysTune finally achieves accolades for years of scientific research and development. Patents in the US and Germany have been granted to AFMG for their Real Time Deconvolution technology. Further patents are pending. Real Time Deconvolution algorithms are the significant factor in SysTune’s unrivaled performance at impulse response processing. No other audio measurement software is able to deliver full-length impulse responses and other measurement data derived from them in real time.

“An impulse response,” explains Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG, “contains all the information that can be derived from the measurement of a linear, time-invariant system, such as loudspeaker systems, rooms and the like. Magnitude and phase transfer functions can be extracted from an impulse response just as all parameters of electro and room acoustics. In order to evaluate STI, RT, C50 or many other parameters of room acoustics, you need to have a full-length impulse response – and SysTune is the only software able to deliver this in real time.”

Developers at AFMG have been working on the topic of room impulse responses for three decades. With the rise of computer processing power, SysTune has been the first real-time audio measurement program to deliver fluent, continuous and reliable results without the need for error-prone, manual delay tweaking. Refinement of SysTune’s astute algorithms led to the filing of the patents in 2007. Now, in 2012, AFMG can celebrate: Quality and uniqueness of SysTune have been officially approved and patented by national authorities!

Full-length Impulse Reponses – The Key to Quality Measurements

What makes the real-time processing of full-length impulse responses so special and important? As you know, any measurement that is not full-length will not contain all the information necessary to describe the acoustic conditions of the system under test. Imagine measuring in a large hall during a concert. Everybody knows you will need to use live audio with a dual-channel FFT to do the job. Few people, however, know that each measurement cycle needs to be as long as the complete decay of sound in the room in order to fully describe it. SysTune´s patented algorithms are the only ones able to perform such measurements and calculations in real time. Many other approaches either lose information or cannot be performed in real time. With SysTune you can do system tuning and reliable evaluation of room acoustics and speech intelligibility in real time during your event.

More Features in SysTune 1.2

AFMG has recently released a free upgrade to SysTune, giving users access to more very interesting new features. The Web Interface for remote control from virtually any modern smartphone or mobile device has been celebrated among SysTune users as a big time-saver. The helpful Delay Analysis plug-in provides exceptional power to users with little experience in setting up sub / top or main / delay systems while opening a wide range of extra opportunities to professional system technicians.

When taking into account that SysTune is still within version 1.x and all previous upgrades have been free, users can be very excited by what more there is to come!



German Patent: 10 2007 031 677

US Patent: 8,208,647

EASE Evac Version 1.1.2

2012-09-24 12:20


Version 1.1.2 of EASE Evac is a free upgrade and includes the following changes:

  • Bugfixes for MS Windows XP related to loading projects with layout images

The free upgrade is directly available through the AFMG Download Portal.

For more information please see:

EASE Evac Website

AFMG and Renkus-Heinz Restructure Strategic Partnership

2012-08-03 13:39

AFMG takes over worldwide Sales and Support as of October 2012

Harro Heinz, Founder of Renkus-Heinz and AFMG´s managing director Stefan Feistel shake hands after agreeing on future strategic relationship.

Foothill Ranch, CA and Berlin, Germany, August 1, 2012. Renkus-Heinz and Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG Technologies GmbH) have announced the restructuring of their long-standing strategic relationship, with AFMG stepping into a more prominent role.

AFMG will provide direct sales, technical support and training worldwide for their acclaimed acoustical measurement and simulation software products including EASE, EASERA and SysTune. Renkus-Heinz will continue to offer support to customers during the transition beginning on October 1, 2012. Both companies will keep working together in educational seminars, marketing of technology solutions as well as software development and other projects.

AFMG’s Berlin offices, which already provide support for Europe including Russia, the Middle East, Africa and India, will take on this role globally. On hand to cover the Americas will be Bruce Olson and Charlie Hughes from the US branch of AFMG. Additionally, AFMG representatives and distribution partners will provide local assistance as well.

“The relationship between AFMG and Renkus-Heinz goes back more than 20 years, and will continue well into the future,” remarked Renkus-Heinz President Harro Heinz. “As AFMG keeps growing, the company is ideally suited to provide the best support for their products, and we stand behind their decision to do so.”

“Renkus-Heinz has always been one of our biggest supporters,” added AFMG’s Managing Director Stefan Feistel. “The enthusiasm and professional attitude of Harro Heinz and his team helped us get on the road in our early years for which we are deeply thankful. Our companies will continue to have a great working relationship in future projects.”

The transition beginning October 1, 2012 will be seamless to all AFMG customers, with Renkus-Heinz continuing to provide assistance as needed, and AFMG taking on all functions effective January 1, 2013.

Customers in the Americas and neighboring time zones can reach AFMG´s US support at support-us@afmg.eu or dial toll-free 855-411-AFMG (855-411-2364).

Sound System Optimization and Measurement Seminars

2012-07-19 14:45

European Seminars in Fall 2012

For all technicians and engineers who have been looking for compact, comprehensive courses on sound system optimization and measurement in English language AFMG now proudly announces the autumn 2012 SysTune seminar schedule.
The two-day training will cover a detailed introduction to SysTune and tips and tricks for a speedy, efficient workflow. Additionally, participants will learn a lot on the background of modern sound systems, their design concepts and especially the importance of phase.

Messen mit AFMG SysTune

Many everyday problems of live sound reinforcement are discussed and best approaches to good solutions presented to round off the course. Many practical measurements will give participants the experience to correctly measure their own setups in the field.

Certificates will be issued at the end of the training.

Seminars Conducted With International Partners

AFMG is proud to be presenting these SysTune seminars together with several well known local partners. Next to the locations and optimal conditions provided by these companies, experienced instructors Sebastiaan Meijer and Thei Munten (see below) guarantee for an interesting and informative course.

Registration for the trainings is through the AFMG Online Store under "Announced Seminars". Your purchase reserves your seat in the training. The price for the two-day course is 500 EUR (net) and includes a SysTune Pro license for the training, technical setup, location, and snacks. Participants should bring their own laptop and measurement interface.

Portrait Charlie Hughes

September 24 + 25, 2012
TM Audio
Utrecht, The Netherlands


Portrait Charlie Hughes

October 29 + 30, 2012
Luthman SMTTS
Stockholm, Sweden


Portrait Charlie Hughes

November 20 + 21, 2012
Master Audio
Barcelona, Spain


The Instructors

Sebastiaan Meijer (right) and Thei Munten are live audio veterans who combine their scientific background with many years of touring experience. They have been working together for a decade on improving the performance of PA systems, from components via speaker management to full system tuning. Measurements, combined with theory and musical vocabulary are an imperative for their work. Nowadays they focus on support and training of live engineers and work on system design for special projects.

Messen mit AFMG SysTune


EASE Evac Webinars in July 2012

2012-07-10 13:32

System Sensor and AFMG Present Online Seminars

In the past months, voice alarm system simulation with EASE Evac has become of growing interest to a large number of users. With the number of software implementations increasing around the globe, we have experienced a rising demand for software trainings.
One of the manufacturers that have supported EASE Evac from the beginning is System Sensor. AFMG is proud to be presenting two online seminars in cooperation with System Sensor in July now. The free 1.5 hour courses will give a comprehensive introduction to the software and its use for quick and easy simulation of acoustic evacuation systems.

Intelligibility Made Easy - EASE Evac & STI Calculations

EASE Evac is a software solution designed to provide a 3-D model of sound properties and data for specific environments and speaker configurations. Now, voice evacuation system designers can use EASE Evac to predict the intelligibility of their voice system before installation. During this webinar, we will show you how to obtain an intelligibility prediction using the speaker's EASE data along with other variables like room materials, ceiling height, and speaker positioning.

Register for a free session now by clicking a date below:

The Instructors

Charlie Hughes has been in the professional audio industry for over 20 years, having been employed at Peavey Electronics and Altec Lansing. He currently heads up Excelsior Audio Design & Services; a consultation, design, and measurement services company based near Charlotte, NC specializing in loudspeaker system design. Mr. Hughes is a member of the AES, ASA, CEA, and Syn-Aud-Con, and has presented several papers as well as being an invited panelist to lecture at conventions of these organizations. He is an active member of several AES and CEA standards committees and serves on the executive board of the North Carolina Chapter of the ASA.

Bruce C. Olson is the founding member of OLSON SOUND DESIGN, a consulting firm specializing in acoustical and technical systems design for Performing Arts Centers, Recording Studios, and Houses of Worship. Mr. Olson provides advanced training worldwide for manufacturers, acoustical consultants, and audio contractors for both EASE and EASERA. He is a member of AES, ASA, Syn-Aud-Con, and USITT, and has been an invited speaker for sessions, workshops, classes, and seminars for the ASA, AES, InfoComm, NAMM, NSCA, Syn-Aud-Con, and USITT.

SysTune measurement integration soon available for Lake Controller

2012-06-18 17:46

Martin Anderson of LabGruppen and Stefan Feistel of AFMG are happy to announce the integration of the SysTune audio measurement platform into Lake controllers.

Under the stewardship of Lab.gruppen, Lake has reached an agreement with industry partners AFMG to develop SysTune measurement integration into the Lake Controller platform for live sound production.

With a prototype already undergoing testing, this new level of cooperation between AFMG and Lake looks to herald a much anticipated development for end users in the field, with integration between Lake’s industry leading processing platform and SysTune’s advanced measurement capabilities.

SysTune is real-time, professional measurement software that embodies a host of major features including spectrogram, transfer function, real-time IR, Virtual EQ, SPL/LEQ and SSA filter for high noise immunity. Their latest update comes with an automatic delay alignment function and support for mobile devices.

“Having the measurements from SysTune as an integration into Lake Contoller will give the users even more flexibility and freedom of choice in order to achieve the ultimate system tuning solution,” said Martin Andersson, Product Manager – Touring, for Lab.gruppen and Lake. “This kind of engagement with AFMG helps reinforce Lake’s position as a leader in live sound digital audio processing, and I look forward to seeing the integration take place.”

“SysTune has been available since 2008 and has quickly found a strongly growing user base worldwide,” said Stefan Feistel, Product Manager at AFMG. “Integration between measurement packages and DSP control software is the logical thing to do. AFMG is very happy about this continued cooperation with Lake. Thanks to Lab.gruppen’s fast and dedicated support SysTune users will soon benefit from the new features.”

Innovation-driven cooperation between AFMG and Lake dates back to the 90s, where AFMG and Lake implemented the first PC-based, real-time auralisation in EASE, the industry standard for sound system modeling.

With SysTune integration already undergoing testing in the field over the summer festival season, an announcement regarding a full release for end users is expected in late 2012.