EASE Evac 1.1.3 released

2013-12-11 10:44

The new version of EASE Evac 1.1.3 is available through the AFMG Download Portal as of now. The release provides compability with Microsoft Windows 8.1. 
When upgrading from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 please also mind the upgrade instructions.

AFMG SoundFlow 1.0.10 released

2013-12-11 10:41

The new version of AFMG SoundFlow 1.0.10 is available through the AFMG Download Portal as of now. The release provides compability with Microsoft Windows 8.1. 
When upgrading from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 please also mind the upgrade instructions.

AFMG Reflex 1.0.7 released

2013-12-11 09:53

The new version of AFMG Reflex 1.0.7 is available through the AFMG Download Portal as of now. The release provides compability with Microsoft Windows 8.1.
When upgrading from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 please also mind the upgrade instructions.

Important: Upgrade Instructions for Microsoft Windows 8.1

2013-12-06 09:13

Windows 8.1 Logo

Microsoft’s latest release for Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 upgrade, applies changes which interfere with the checksums of AFMG’s licenses. In order to safely upgrade to Windows 8.1 without losing installed User Keys, it is absolutely necessary to upload all your AFMG User Keys for all programs back to our licensing server before performing the Windows upgrade!



Please use the EASE Guard to upload your User Key.
To do so, start EASE. In the main window select HELP / REGISTER.
Click “Upload License”.

Please use the EASERA Guard to upload your User Key.
To do so, start EASERA. In the main window select HELP / REGISTER.
Click “Upload License”.
EASE Evac,
AFMG SoundFlow, AFMG Reflex   

Start the AFMG License Manager.
Select the programs you have installed from the list.
Click “Upload License”.
Do so for every program.
Then visit your account in our Download Portal.
Download the latest version of the program.
Install this once you have upgraded to Windows 8.1.
EASE SpeakerLab
Start the AFMG License Manager.
Select the programs you have installed from the list.
Click “Upload License”.
Do so for every program.

After you have performed your Windows upgrade you can safely download your User Keys again.


November/December 2013 - Presentations on FIRmaker Optimization and how it improves Speech Intelligibility

2013-12-06 09:13

Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert presented at this year's Reproduced Sound in Manchester, UK from November 12th to 14th. The topic "Improving Speech Intelligibility Using Numerical Sound System Optimization" proved highly interesting to a large audience. Private talks following the session confirmed the strong interest in the expanded capabilities AFMG's new FIRmaker Technology has to offer.

 presentation at ASA, Dec. 
2013     Ana Jaramillo

Another speech on a similar topic was held by Ana Jaramillo, member of AFMG's team in the US, at the 166th Meeting of the ASA in San Francisco. “Put your sound where it belongs” was attended by more than 80 listeners – mostly researchers.

Download the full presentation here

SysTune Seminars in the Netherlands and Sweden in December

2013-10-28 11:29

The Netherlands: 


December 9-10, 2013 (Utrecht)

December 16-17, 2013 (Stockholm)

Sound System Optimization and Measurement Training

This 2-day course is both for beginners as well as for advanced system engineers and sound technicians. Sebastiaan and Thei will provide lots of important background knowledge and give a detailed introduction into the features of SysTune. Participants will learn how to employ SysTune efficiently, making use of all the features provided by the software. Most importantly, they will learn the reasons and physics behind the effects experienced in every-day work. Practical excercises help with understanding and give hands-on experience with SysTune, the leading audio measurement tool.


More information on the Netherlands...                                                           Find out about Sweden...



Find more information about SysTune here: http://systune.afmg.eu/ 

135th AES Convention - AFMG Presents Multiple Papers on Beam Steering

2013-10-25 09:13

Digitally Steered Columns: Comparison of Different Products by Measurement and Simulation            Adapting Loudspeaker Array Radiation to the Venue using Numerical Optimization of FIR Filters

EASE Simulations Verified for Digitally Steered Columns

This paper addresses one of the questions brought up over and over again by consultants in the pro-audio business: How accurate are EASE simulations?

The evaluation performed by renowned German acoustician Anselm Goertz and AFMG utilizes a comparison of different digitally steered column loudspeakers in an acoustically challenging environment to show not only the high degree of accordance between simulation and actual measurement on site. Both measurement and actual listening test revealed a strikingly similar reproductive quality for all systems involved in the test alike!

Purchase the full paper from the AES Store.

Optimized FIR Filters Offer New Flexibility in Beam Steering

Since the release of AFMG's FIRmaker Technology at the ProLight & Sound fair in April 2013 FIR filters have become an intensely discussed topic and a broad range of DSP manufacturers have validated their hardware for compatibility with FIRmaker computed filters.

This paper sums up the technology of numerically optimized FIR filters and explains the newest implementations and verifications done. It goes far beyond a simple proof of concept, showing real-world setups and explaining the benefits soon to be available to a large audience of customers of different loudspeaker manufacturers.

Purchase the full paper from the AES Store.

Job Vacancy: Product Manager m/f

2013-09-23 12:01

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, AFMG is a worldwide leader in software for the pro-audio industry. We focus on the development of sophisticated acoustic modeling and measurement software for audio professionals such as consultants, contractors, installers and system technicians. Our innovative software packages EASE, EASERA, SysTune or EASE Focus are used by tens of thousands of users across the world. Over the course of three decades, our scientific approach has turned our software into an industry standard and our high esteem for our customers has turned users into long-term partners.

We would like to expand our small, highly professional team by a

Product Manager m/f

Location: Berlin
Type of contract: Unlimited, permanent position
Your key tasks:
  • Developing and maintaining detailed knowledge and know-how about AFMG products in order to support our sales, marketing, service, and development teams.

  • Defining product specifications, development milestones, and release schedules together with the company management.
  • Collecting and structuring customer feedback.
  • Providing technical documentation for use in marketing and support.
  • Representing AFMG at international conferences and tradeshows, holding software presentations, classes, and seminars worldwide.
  • Coordinating the release of software prototypes, beta versions, and public releases with all parts of the company.
Your profile:
  • Located in Berlin or willing to move to the city permanently.

  • Several years of work experience in the planning and commissioning of professional sound systems as well as in general room and building acoustics.
  • Several years of work experience with AFMG software products, such as EASE, EASERA, SysTune, and EASE Focus.
  • Native or fluent speaker of the English language, very good technical writing skills.
  • Intermediate knowledge of the German language.
  • Excellent understanding of practical audio concepts and their physical background.
  • Excellent communication and work management abilities.
  • Friendly and diplomatic personality, comfortable being an intermediary between team members, partners and customers.
  • Expressed interest in facing challenges and learning new things every day.

AFMG highly values a social environment and a good work-life balance. We can provide working conditions according to your physical abilities. Applicants with experience of life as well as young mothers or fathers who would like to start working part-time after parental leave are most welcome to apply.

Please send your application by email to stefan.feistel@afmg.eu – do not send applications by regular mail. Please add details on your expected remuneration as well as your availability.


Find the original PDF at http://www.sda-softwaredesign.de/

EASERA 1.2.10 – Maintenance Update

2013-09-09 11:44

AFMG announces the release of a maintenance update for the current EASERA 1.2 version which is available to all EASERA users from their Download Portal account as of now and free of charge. The 1.2.10 update adds full support for 24-bit ASIO devices as well as additional options for opening files in EASERA. The control and integration of Outline and LinearX turntables has received an overhaul and various minor bugfixes have been implemented.


EASERA Website: http://easera.afmg.eu

FIRmaker - First Licensees

2013-06-05 16:17

Much has happened since we introduced our revolutionary new FIRmaker Technology only two months ago. We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous interest from all over the pro-audio industry.

Today, we are more than happy to announce that K-array has successfully completed their first live tests with FIRmaker. K-array has been the first company to evaluate and license FIRmaker. As a supporter of the prototype development through several stages of beta tests and software releases the input from K-array has been essential for the ground-breaking performance of the new technology.

After inspiring discussions between VUE Audiotechnik and AFMG at the ProLight + Sound trade show in April, the engineers at VUE have integrated FIRmaker Technology into their al-4 Subcompact Line Array at an incredible pace. VUE will be presenting the al-4 Subcompact Line Array with FIRmaker optimization at InfoComm! You are invited to visit their demo room to see and hear for yourself.

ESS Professional Audio from Hua Nan in China once again demonstrates its leadership in high-quality products and technology. ESS has been offering accurate line array simulations with EASE Focus and EASE to their customers for many years by now. Immediately after the launch of FIRmaker, ESS decided to license FIRmaker for use with EASE Focus 2, being the first to bring the new technology to Asia and to their customers worldwide.

The number of FIRmaker-enabled DSP platforms is rapidly growing. As a response to the interest expressed by many of their customers, German manufacturer AllDSP recently announced support for AFMG FIRmaker. In cooperation with AFMG, AllDSP plans to enable both external control units as well as integrated DSP boards for use with FIRmaker. Apart from dedicated platform integration, FIRmaker is generally able to export FIR filters in basically any file format, e.g. csv, xml or wav.


For more details, please visit: http://firmaker.afmg.eu