EASE Focus 1: 10 Years of Line Array Simulation

2014-12-15 13:06

Released at the beginning of 2005, EASE Focus 1 has been a premiere to the world of line array acoustic simulation. Based on AFMG’s profound experience in the field of accurate sound system modeling, EASE Focus 1 provided exactly what the pro-audio market demanded at that time: A universal, fast, precise and easy to use tool to predict coverage and throw of a complex line array.

In comparison to some existing aiming software solutions, EASE Focus 1 established an open platform that could incorporate data from any manufacturer interested in supporting the program. This unique approach provided several important benefits that quickly convinced many leading manufacturers.

  • Provided by a renowned, independent software manufacturer with vast experience in the field of sound system modeling.
  • Instantly available, no need for in-house development and testing.
  • Windows standard software.
  • A proven platform already installed on thousands of computers.
  • Greatly reduced costs for development and ongoing maintenance.
  • Little training necessary.
  • High acceptance and trust with users because data available on an open, comparable platform. 

Within only three years, over 40 loudspeaker manufacturers licensed their line arrays for EASE Focus 1. This number had increased to over 60 manufacturers when EASE Focus 2 was introduced in October 2010. In addition to the above benefits, EASE Focus 2 now allowed simulation in 3D and relied on AFMG’s new, award-winning GLL loudspeaker definition format that became common to all AFMG simulation tools. 

After a successful 10-year history, AFMG now announces the seizure of support for EASE Focus 1. All development, OS adaptations, and support will end March 31, 2015.

FIRmaker approval granted for ASHLY DSPs

2014-12-08 13:28

AFMG is excited to announce that another leading DSP manufacturer has successfully undergone FIRmaker approval testing. Ashly DSPs with FIR filters have been verified to perform as expected and to deliver reliable optimization results when used together with FIRmaker.

For more information please visit: http://firmaker.afmg.eu/index.php/Supported_DSP_Platforms.html

168th ASA Meeting 2014, Indiana, USA, 27th-31st October 2014

2014-11-03 14:12

At the past ASA Fall Meeting in Indianapolis two presentations concerning auralization of room acoustics using AFMG’s EASE and AURA simulation tools were given by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert and Bruce C. Olson.

Both presentations held on Monday, October 27, 2014 in session 1pAA: “Computer Auralization as an Aid to Acoustically Proper Owner/Architect Design Decisions” were led by Robert Coffeen (University of Kansas) and Kevin Butler (Henderson Engineers, Inc.)


Wolfgang Ahnert,
Using the new hedgehog 3D presentation to identify unwanted reflections within local impulse responses before processing auralizations in binaural or in
Ambisonics B-format.

Bruce C. Olson,
Making use of auralization to enhance the experience of visual presentations and to ensure good speech intelligibility.

First FIRmaker Purpose-Designed Line Array

2014-10-20 16:38

K-array launches first system built for FIRmaker optimized use

Berlin, Germany / Firenze, Italy
October 16, 2014
Last year, AFMG’s ground-breaking beam steering and coverage control technology FIRmaker has induced a shift in how loudspeaker manufacturers think about system design, beam steering and coverage optimization. Now, the Italian loudspeaker company K-array launches a new product that fully utilizes the digital powers of FIRmaker optimization. Eight built-in DSP channels per enclosure drive separate sections of, in total, 20 HF, MF, and LMF transducers, resulting in exceptional coverage control and a rated maximum SPL of 145 dB.

Next to being the first loudspeaker system that has been built from scratch with FIRmaker steering in mind, the K-array KH8 offers a range of other, interesting features that join well with the fully digital concept. Coming boxed with three units in a straight frame, the KH8 is flown effortlessly without the need for curving. Instead, the vertical aiming of each element of the flat hang can be adjusted easily and at any time while the whole system remains straight, never taking up more depth than roughly a foot in total. Shaping of the wave front, all beam steering and coverage optimization is done electronically by FIRmaker calculated filters, giving total control to the system technician on site.

Core Concept: Electronic Optimization

When K-array first approached AFMG with the idea to electronically optimize a sound system this matched perfectly with the research that the German software company had been doing for the past years. AFMG was able to supply the ground-breaking, patent-pending optimization algorithm FIRmaker and provide a complete interface for the unique concept of a new sound system presented by K-array. Thus, the KH8 system has been designed to not only deliver high performance and maximum ease-of-use but to ultimately utilize the great flexibility provided by FIRmaker optimization.
The AFMG FIRmaker Technology in combination with the K-array KH8 system and the Powersoft Armonia control software provide a powerful basis for an efficient workflow and highly flexible setup that can easily be adapted to every new venue it is taken to. AFMG’s EASE Focus 2 software allows simulating and configuring the setup during pre-production. After a quick check on location, the FIRmaker plug-in within EASE Focus takes only seconds to calculate optimized FIR filter sets for each of the DSPs inside the full KH8 system. These are then transferred directly to the Armonia platform to be uploaded into the KH8’s DSPs. Thus, tailoring the system’s coverage to the venue is a matter of a few minutes.

Benefits of FIRmaker

“Put your sound where it belongs!” is the claim AFMG raises for its FIRmaker Technology. In fact, the secret behind this patent-pending algorithm is as simple as it is powerful. AFMG makes use of the FIR filter technology available in most modern DSP controllers to minutely control the superposition of all sound waves produced by the individual sound sources of a loudspeaker system. Because this approach relies on AFMG’s award-winning GLL loudspeaker definitions that include high resolution, 3D data of each sound source, the algorithm can also operate in 3D all around a loudspeaker system.

By this, the software company from Germany was able to include a plethora of functions and, most importantly, make these available directly to the users of FIRmaker enabled speaker systems. With FIRmaker it is possible to “design” the coverage that a system provides onto the exact audience areas. More than that, the technology does so for all frequencies resulting in a smooth frequency response in every seat of the house. If, in a given setup, feedback problems occur on stage or a corrugated iron roof produces irritating reflections, FIRmaker can also help. By simply defining the roof or stage as “avoidance areas” in the EASE Focus 2 software, FIRmaker will calculate a different set of FIR filters typically delivering 6 – 8 dB less SPL in the problematic places!

K-array KH8 and FIRmaker

K-array has been known for innovative loudspeaker solutions like the KAN200 “Anakonda”. Now, the KH8 takes the next step in innovation, incorporating the thought of full digital control. Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG declares, “K-array have been the first to approach us, with the concept of the KH8 already in mind. The degree of control they thought of already made in-depth use of our FIRmaker Technology. From that point on, our cooperation has been driven by a common understanding. We all wanted to take the concept further to create a turn-key solution unseen by the market so far.”

For more information on FIRmaker please visit http://firmaker.afmg.eu.
Please contact AFMG directly for further inquiries: sales@afmg.eu.
For more information on K-array and the KH8 please visit http://www.k-array.com/kh8/.



Job Vacancy: Product Manager m/f

2014-09-17 16:40

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, AFMG is a worldwide leader in software for the pro-audio industry. We focus on the development of sophisticated acoustic modeling and measurement software for audio professionals such as consultants, contractors, installers, and system technicians. Our innovative software packages like EASE, EASERA, SysTune, or EASE Focus are used by ten thousands of users across the world. Over the course of three decades, our scientific approach has turned our software into an industry standard and our high esteem for our customers has turned users into long-term partners.

We would like to expand our small, highly professional team by a

Product Manager m/f

Location: Berlin
Type of contract: Unlimited, permanent position
Your key tasks:
  • Developing and maintaining detailed knowledge and know-how about AFMG products in order to support our sales, marketing, service, and development teams.

  • Defining product specifications, development milestones and release schedules together with the company management.
  • Collecting and structuring customer feedback.
  • Providing technical documentation for use in marketing and support.
  • Representing AFMG at international conferences and tradeshows, holding software presentations, classes, and seminars worldwide.
  • Coordinating the release of software prototypes, beta versions, and public releases with all parts of the company.
Your profile:
  • Located in Berlin or willing to move to the city permanently.

  • Several years of work experience in the planning and commissioning of professional sound systems as well as in general room and building acoustics.
  • Several years of work experience with AFMG software products, especially acoustic modeling with EASE.
  • Native or fluent speaker of the English language, very good technical writing skills.
  • Intermediate knowledge of the German language.
  • Excellent understanding of practical audio concepts and their physical background.
  • Excellent communication and work management abilities.
  • Friendly and diplomatic personality, comfortable being an intermediary between team members, partners and customers.
  • Expressed interest in facing challenges and learning new things every day.

AFMG highly values a social environment and a good work-life balance. We can provide working conditions according to your physical abilities. Applicants with experience of life as well as young mothers or fathers who would like to start working part-time after parental leave are most welcome to apply.

Please send your application by email to stefan.feistel@afmg.eu – do not send applications by regular mail. Please add details on your expected remuneration as well as your availability.


Find the original PDF at http://www.sda-softwaredesign.de/

Recommended Reading: High Resolution Loudspeaker Modeling

2014-09-09 11:25

Cover of Stefan Feistel's book "Modeling the Radiation of Modern Sound Reinforcement Systems in High Resolution"

AFMG presents a new publication by Stefan Feistel. The book “Modeling the Radiation of Modern Sound Reinforcement Systems in High Resolution” compiles a number of scientific articles on loudspeaker modeling that were published over the last years into a single, consistent compendium. The work presents a novel proposal for the simulation of sound systems including phase data from theory to implementation. A new model is also introduced to deal with the effects of environmental variables on source coherence. Parts of this work have been recognized with the AES Publications Award (2010) and incorporated into the AES56 standard.

This book is a valuable read for EASE power users, system designers and loudspeaker manufacturers. It provides the basis and theoretical background for accurate simulation of complex loudspeakers, steered columns and line arrays. Anybody working with EASE GLL loudspeaker data will benefit from reviewing the concepts discussed here.

The book is available both as a paperback edition and as an eBook. It can be obtained directly from the publisher.

Summer review: InfoComm 2014 Big Success for AFMG

2014-09-03 11:52

InfoComm 2014 has brought many visitors and interesting talks to the AFMG booth.

This year, for the second time, AFMG took part in the InfoComm Show not only with the traditional EASE class but also with a booth on the show floor.

Compared to our participation in 2013 where the main focus has been on our newly released FIRmaker technology we have seen a high general interest in AFMG and our products this year. Not only has the number of visitors to our booth increased overall, but we have also noticed an increase in brand awareness of all visitors combined with longer, more in-depth talks about specific programs, projects, and use-cases.

Of course, FIRmaker has been a major topic discussed mainly with loudspeaker manufacturers. Next to that, the newly released version 4.4 of EASE along with the new InfraRed Module received a lot of interest.

As every year, our 2-day EASE class at the InfoComm university was well attended and provided interesting insights into many simulation topics. Also, this year for the first time, the Sound System Optimization class has introduced many attendees to the concepts of measurement using AFMG's SysTune software.

EASE Version 3 - Support Ends in December 2014

2014-08-08 11:45

AFMG officially announces the cessation of support for its EASE 3 family for December 2014.

Development of EASE 3 has already been discontinued in the year 2002 when the software had been replaced by the Version 4 family of programs and modules. AFMG has continued to support its customers owning EASE 3 versions for over a decade since then.

The end of all support options for EASE 3 will include the following:

  • Availability of installation versions.
  • Availability of replacement license keys.
  • Availability of licensing and/or product support.
  • Availability of discounted upgrade options to EASE 4.

Customers wishing to upgrade to EASE 4 are reminded to do so before the end of the year to benefit from the upgrade pricing scheme!

Please send your inquiry including your EASE 3 license ID to sales@afmg.eu.

AFMG Establishes North American Office

2014-05-27 11:00

Bruce C. Olson to head AFMG Services North America, LLC.

Bruce C. Olson, President AFMG Services North America, LLC.

Berlin, Germany / Minneapolis, USA – May 27, 2014 – AFMG, known for its leading acoustic simulation and measurement programs EASE, EASERA, and SysTune, announces the formation of the company’s first official office in the United States. Headed by Bruce C. Olson, AFMG Services North America, LLC will be taking responsibility for all inquiries arising in the US and Canada. This step is made to provide direct support and services to customers on the North American continent.

Constant growth and a broadening range of software tools have been the signs of success for AFMG in the past years. The Berlin-based software firm assumed international distribution of their products in 2012, continuing the expansion of business in Germany and Europe since 2011. AFMG has already been operating with a professional support team for EASE, the industry standard in modeling of electro and room acoustics, in the years before. Now, the founding of AFMG Services North America, LLC (short: ‘AFMG NA’) further underlines AFMG’s aspiration to always be readily available for their customers.

The Team

Headed by President and Founder Bruce C. Olson, the AFMG NA team includes Charlie Hughes and Ana Jaramillo. Mr. Olson is known as an active member of the acoustics and pro-audio community for many years. Taking on responsible positions within the AES and ASA, he is always in touch with the newest developments and has provided countless AFMG software trainings for acoustic consultants, manufacturers, and audio contractors. Bruce’s invaluable knowledge and over 20 years of involvement with AFMG make him the number-one expert for AFMG programs on the American continent.

Charlie Hughes, who joined the AFMG support team already in 2010, is located in North Carolina. With his over 25-year experience in the professional audio industry, Charlie is the authority for loudspeaker system design and assessment of quality loudspeaker data for GLL files, AFMG’s award-winning loudspeaker file format. He is also a much respected expert for AFMG’s measurement programs SysTune and EASERA. In addition to general software classes, he provides manufacturer trainings for EASE SpeakerLab. Charlie, too, is a member of the AES, CEA Standards Groups, and other institutions.

In the Minnesota office, Bruce is supported by Ana Maria Jaramillo. Ana has graduated from Virginia Tech with a PhD in architectural acoustics in 2013 before she joined AFMG. Her broad teaching experience as a professor at two universities in her native Colombia and her focus on room acoustics make Ana the ideal expansion to the team that, so far, was dominated by an electro-acoustic background. Ana’s communication skills, fluent English and Spanish, and her organizational talent make her the preferred contact for customers both in North and South America.

Future Developments

Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG in Germany, is very pleased with the success, “We have worked together with our American support team on an excellent basis in the past three years. Increasing brand awareness and sales as well as more seminars and trainings that we are offering increase the need for additional resources. We are very happy to have established a sound basis for AFMG’s presence in America with this step.” Bruce Olson, president of the newly established firm, adds, “The great demand from loudspeaker manufacturers for FIRmaker, our newest line array optimization technology, to a large degree stems from the US. There are several challenging implementations on which we are currently working. – You can see that we are looking at a bright future! Now that I can rely on such a great team here in the United States we will be able to provide professional support to our customers better than ever before.”

AFMG will be exhibiting at the upcoming InfoComm Show in Las Vegas next month. All simulation and measurement programs will be on display. The members of AFMG NA will be present, backed by staff from the German headquarters who will visit for the fair.


For more information please visit http://afmg.eu.

Please contact AFMG directly for further inquiries: sales@afmg.eu.


Architectural Acoustics - A textbook by Ana Jaramillo

2014-05-16 11:07

Ana Jaramillo, member of AFMG North America, together with Chris Steel, is currently publishing the textbook "Architectural Acoustics" which is part of the Routledge publishing house's PocketArchitecture series and provides the fundamental theory and understanding of acoustics and applications of effective detailing for specific building types and conditions in an accessible and clear technical guide.

The book includes: 

  • a compact and understandable introduction to the fundamentals of building and architectural acoustics 
  • definitions of suitable acoustic performance criteria for a wide range of common buildings and room types 
  • guidance on specification and detailing of the most suitable construction types in North America and the UK.

The date of publication is announced for October 22, 2014.

Click here to find out more about the book and pre-order your copy.