AFMG® Selected to Present at 9th ACE in Berlin

2018-07-23 13:00

AFMG followed an invitation from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to contribute to the 9th Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE). The OAS (Organization of American States) brought a high-ranking delegation from over 20 American countries to Berlin at the end of June.

The ACE opening event on June 27th started with a welcome speech delivered by state secretary Claudia Dörr-Voß in the “Eichensaal” room at BMWi. The delegation was then provided with insights into the German innovation system and the respective funding policy based on the strategy “from idea to market success”. Subsequently, AFMG´s managing director Dr. Stefan Feistel had the exclusive opportunity to introduce AFMG, talk about his experience with the program, and elaborate on how the company benefited from governmental support for some of its R&D projects.

The next items on the agenda were several site visits and other presentations before the day concluded with a social event at the famous PanAm Lounge overlooking the rooftops of Berlin.

Impressions of 9th ACE, Berlin - © EuroNorm / BMWi.
Impressions of 9th ACE, Berlin - © EuroNorm / BMWi.

AFMG represents innovative entrepreneurship that is characterized by the ability to transfer a scientific approach into innovative solutions and products of high market relevance. The company has published numerous papers and books and also holds multiple patents. Additionally, AFMG´s expertise is requested not only in the process of establishing new standards and regulations in the field of audio and acoustics, but AFMG is also frequently involved in research projects of leading companies in that industry. This is accompanied by 30 years of experience and a structured, modern development approach, resulting in a perfect mix of reliability and innovation.

“We believe we are a good example of linking academic science and practical application that profits from mutual learning and governmental support. This obviously was the main reason for being invited to ACE 9. It gave us the unique chance to create new networks and to share our approach to innovation. We are honored that we were asked to contribute to this event and want to express our gratitude to all involved.” - said Dr. Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG.

If you are interested in more information about the Americas Competitiveness Exchange, please refer to the official event website.



AFMG provides 3D Beam-Shaping Technology within EASE Focus

2018-05-21 13:00

FIRmaker 3D 

Some of the latest developments in the loudspeaker industry are planar arrays. This pioneering type of system extends line arrays in the horizontal direction and is able to achieve unique performance, especially when driven by FIR filters. With AFMG’s well established EASE® Focus 3 and the novel FIRmaker® 3D engine this technology is now available off-the-shelf to loudspeaker companies interested in providing innovative steering solutions to their customers.         System coverage optimized with FIRmaker 3D considering all audience areas.
So far beam steering has been possible mainly in the vertical plane. With planar arrays and FIRmaker 3D, the system coverage can be controlled horizontally as well. The sound radiation can be specifically shaped in three dimensions to accomplish variable beam widths, avoid side walls, fit asymmetrical venue layouts, reduce noise leakage, and target selected locations anywhere in the room. All of these improvements bring the designer ever closer to achieving a clear, consistent sonic experience for the whole audience.
        3D beam shaping over selected areas with FIRmaker 3D.

Some of the advantages of FIRmaker 3D can also be applied to conventional line arrays. By considering not only the vertical on-axis response of the system over the audience, but the target areas in their entirety, the optimization engine is able to compute FIR filters that provide improved coverage overall.

By continuously developing FIRmaker and EASE Focus, AFMG® offers loudspeaker companies the opportunity to expand their expertise into different fields of application. As a future-oriented technology firm, AFMG provides manufacturers with solutions that reduce their time and effort to make a new product available in the market.

FIRmaker 3D is currently available as a Beta version within EASE Focus 3 and is already used in the field by a number of pro-audio firms. Loudspeaker companies can now license FIRmaker 3D, and take advantage of this technology.

For further information please contact AFMG via sales@afmg.eu. You are also welcome to visit our booth at InfoComm 2018 where FIRmaker 3D will be on display.




AFMG Presents an Early Preview of EASE Version 5 at Prolight + Sound 2018

2018-03-23 12:40

AFMG is moving forward full-steam with the development of the next major version of EASE. At Prolight + Sound 2018, we will be showing for the first time an early alpha version of EASE 5 with exciting new features.

Long awaited by users of EASE 4, its modern successor EASE 5 is taking shape and offers new and innovative solutions. We will be glad to demonstrate the software and discuss the feature set currently under construction, including:

  • A modern and intuitive user interface for several rewritten software modules,
  • A 64-bit based platform, which allows for increased memory allocation and high performance,
  • Novel concepts and tools for building rooms based on imported CAD drawings,
  • Automatic management of “holes” and room volume calculation,
  • The new acoustic parameters editor showing the relationships between acoustic quantities,
  • A database shared with other AFMG products, such as EASE Focus 3,
  • A state-of-the-art rendering engine for viewing rooms.

If you have a general interest in EASE you are welcome to visit our stand to learn more about the program’s advanced capabilities to perform acoustical simulations.

During the tradeshow you will also have the opportunity to check out other upcoming software releases, and see some of our measurement and simulation tools in action. We will be happy to introduce you to our latest work, such as:

  • 3D Beam Shaping with FIRmaker - With high-end planar arrays and AFMG’s latest FIRmaker 3D, exclusive control over the array’s radiation pattern can be achieved not only along the vertical plane, but also in the horizontal plane.
  • Automatic Filter Selection in EASE Focus 3 - Coming soon, the tool provides automatic setup of the filter settings available for the line array.
  • Load and Safety Calculations for Line Arrays - The GLL Plug-in API and SDK are available now for EASE Focus 3 and give loudspeaker manufacturers the possibility to develop powerful plug-ins.
  • Outdoor Noise Prediction - Results of AFMG´s highly advanced line array simulation can now be imported into Wölfel’s IMMI 2017 software for prediction of outdoor noise pollution.


Visit us at Prolight + Sound 2018, in Frankfurt, Germany, from April 10 to 13.
We look forward to welcoming you at booth G30, in Hall 3.1!

As of March 12, EASE 4 Purchases Include a Free License for the Next Major Release, EASE 5

2018-03-12 10:00


Acoustical model viewed in an early preview version of EASE 5.

Since 2016 a major update to AFMG’s market-leading acoustical simulation software EASE® is under development.

Large parts of the software are being rewritten on a new technological platform. Great care is taken to create an intuitive and modern user interface. It is the ultimate goal of the development to reduce the time users spend on building the room and to give them more tools to design powerful sound systems and effective acoustics.

Taking this approach, EASE modules dealing with geometry entry are completely redesigned and new features are added. Other modules will be retained for EASE 5 and reworked subsequently in order to shorten the waiting time for this release.

The release of EASE 5 is tentatively scheduled for late 2019.

AFMG® will be showing an early preview of EASE 5 at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt, April 10-13, 2018, as well as at the InfoComm18 tradeshow, June 6-8, in Las Vegas.

Free Licenses for EASE 5

In order to offer our customers a smooth transition, beginning March 12, AFMG will grant a free license of EASE 5 for every new license of EASE 4.4 JR or EASE 4.4 Standard.

  • New users now have the opportunity to acquire EASE 4.4 and become eligible to receive EASE 5 for free. 
  • Users who wish to extend their EASE 4.4 licenses with additional User Keys will receive a free EASE 5 license for each added User Key.
  • EASE 4.4 JR users now have the unique chance to upgrade to EASE 4.4 Standard most cost-efficiently.
    • By upgrading an EASE 4.4 JR license purchased before March 12, 2018, they are also eligible for a free license of EASE 5 Standard.
    • By upgrading an EASE 4.4 JR license purchased after March 12, 2018, their existing free license for EASE 5 JR will be converted into an EASE 5 Standard license.
  • EASE 5 Standard licenses will include any AURA and EARS modules purchased with EASE 4!

All EASE 5 free licenses can be used as soon as the software is released. Any EASE 4 licenses can continue to be used in parallel with EASE 5. Thus, our customers will be able to migrate to the new version at their own pace and without affecting ongoing design projects.

EASE Price Changes

As of March 12, 2018, a new price list for EASE will be in effect.

AFMG recommends that customers who intend to buy EASE should take the opportunity to purchase EASE 4.4 now, before the release of EASE 5. Current prices are significantly lower and a license for EASE 5 is already included.

Investments already made by EASE 4 users prior to March 12 will be honored by reduced prices for the upgrade to EASE 5 after its release.

EASE® Price List
(Effective March 12, 2018)

Version 4.4
Version 5
EASE JR 890 € 1.100 €
Reduced price in case of an existing EASE 4.x JR license1 - 590 €
EASE Standard 2.110 € 2.460 €
Reduced price in case of an existing EASE 4.x Standard license1,2
890 €
Upgrade EASE JR -> Standard 1.530 € 1.700 €
AURA Module 840 € 890 €
EARS Module 660 € 690 €
InfraRed Module3 450 € -
EASE Standard + AURA 2.655 € 3.015 €
EASE Standard + AURA + EARS 3.249 € 3.636 €
All prices per User Key.

EASE 4.4 JR purchased after March 12 includes a free license for the next major release, EASE 5 JR.

EASE 4.4 Standard purchased after March 12 includes a free license for the next major release, EASE 5 Standard.
EASE 5 release prices are preliminary and may change in the future.

1If purchased before March 12.
2Includes any existing AURA or EARS modules purchased with EASE 4.
3InfraRed module will be discontinued in version 5.

All EASE 4 licenses are governed by the End User License Agreement (EULA) for EASE 4.

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