AFMG Software Trainings Are Moving On

2020-07-09 12:00

Several AFMG software trainings have taken place during the last months even though Covid-19 restrictions are in place in many countries. Our training partners are successfully adapting their educational offerings to the current situation.

In this, AFMG is mainly focusing on 3 different paths: Webinars and online classes, open and closed on-site classes with limited number of participants, as well as one-on-one trainings via Skype and other channels. The webinars and online trainings especially allow acting more independently given the current situation. In May and June the first webinars for EASE and EASE Focus have taken place for our Japanese customers.

For the future, AFMG hopes to provide more alternative training formats in order to supplement our classic on-site trainings. Together with our partners we are highly motivated to continually develop and expand our offerings in this regard and thus to meet the needs of our joint customers even more effectively.

Now that first alternatives have been developed and implemented, we are pleased to announce various training courses planned for the second half of the year in many parts of the world:

Are you looking for a different training? Please do not hesitate to contact our partners directly to discuss further training options with them.

 We would be pleased to welcome you at one of our next AFMG software trainings!

Did you know?

  • You can register for a free trial license of AFMG software at any time to get familiar with the software yourself. Get your free trial license on this webpage.

    If you are interested in a trial license for EASE, please contact the distributor in your region or AFMG Sales.

  • The 10% discount on single software purchases* will - of course - also apply in connection with paid webinars or online trainings. Just ask your training provider about it.

    * software purchased within 30 days after participation in a training course

Latest version of EASE Focus supports extended GLL Plug-In API v 1.1

2020-06-24 15:20

Since 2017 AFMG has provided an SDK (Software Development Kit) for EASE Focus 3 to loudspeaker companies, enabling them to independently develop powerful plug-ins for their GLLs. This includes e.g. custom properties windows, safety calculations, or giving access to innovative features of high-end loudspeaker systems such as beam steering technology.

AFMG is continuously working on extensions and recently released the GLL Plug-In API version 1.1. This version includes a new module supporting access to the geometric data of audience areas of EASE Focus 3 projects. By retrieving this data, loudspeaker-specific aiming algorithms can be implemented to set line array splay angles and electronic filters. For loudspeakers with beam steering the filter configuration can be computed automatically in order to optimally cover selected areas of the venue. This new version 1.1 of the GLL Plug-In is already supported by EASE Focus 3.1.12.



If you are an EASE Focus 3 user, please have a look at your preferred loudspeaker brands and models to see if there are any key features that are missing in the software. In all probability those features can be implemented via the GLL Plug-In API. The corresponding SDK is available for any interested loudspeaker manufacturer. AFMG invites all loudspeaker companies to expand the feature set of EASE Focus for the benefit of their users by adding custom product functionality.

Please find detailed info on our GLL Plug-In API website or contact AFMG with any questions!

AFMG´s Offerings During the COVID-19 Crisis

2020-04-30 13:00

Due to the current situation we support our customers with the following offers:

  • For those who have to deal with a new working situation now and need an additional User Key for their existing license, we provide a 50% discount. Please get in touch if you want to apply for it.

  • Customers who have available time right now and want to get familiar with our software can register for a free trial license on this webpage. If you are interested in a trial license for EASE, please contact our distributor in your region or us.

  • Universities holding educational licenses are invited to apply for free time limited licenses for their students being taught and working on their projects at home.


In addition we and our distributors are also looking for ways to provide online training and educational opportunities as an alternative to onsite classes. All upcoming offers will be published on our Classes Overview webpage.

Feel free to get in touch with your local distributor or send an email to sales@afmg.eu regarding our offers or any more requests and concerns. We’ll be glad to assist!

AFMG Strengthens Global Support Team as of April 1st

2020-04-15 13:00

We are glad to announce the addition of Silke Bögelein to AFMG´s technical support team. The inclusion of another highly skilled professional will allow us to noticeably expand our support capabilities and availability.

Silke holds a Master's degree in Audio Communication and Technology. She is also a fully qualified, hearing aid acoustician. This combination of technical knowledge and working experience in customer service makes her an ideal member of the support team.

"Providing technical support at AFMG combines two essential aspects of successful and gratifying work for me: Firstly, it requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of complex acoustic concepts, which satisfies the geek in me. Secondly I can directly help customers by providing knowledge, assistance and problem solving. This enables them to successfully work on their projects.”
Silke Bögelein

We are delighted to welcome Silke to our headquarters in Berlin!

If you are interested in our company’s activities and would like to collaborate with us, we invite you to visit the employment section of our associated company SDA for our current job openings.

AFMG Supports Customers and Partners During the COVID-19 Crisis

2020-04-07 07:30

The situation caused by COVID-19 and its unpredictable consequences lead to difficult times in our industry. In this special situation AFMG has adopted a decentralized structure and will keep operating normally. We are open for your requests and concerns. We will continue to provide you with the best sales and support service.

Currently you can reach the AFMG Team preferably via email:

  • Questions regarding product sales and licenses – sales@afmg.eu
  • Questions regarding technical support and software usage – support@afmg.eu

Your requests will be answered as soon as possible – usually within a working day. If you are looking for local support and purchasing options, you will find an overview on how to reach our regional distributors here.

Both 2020 tradeshows at which we usually exhibit, Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as InfoComm in Las Vegas, USA, have been officially cancelled. AFMG will be using alternative channels to keep you informed about ongoing activities with respect to EASE 5, including the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program, and others.

Adjusting to the current situation, AFMG is also working on various measures to support our customers e.g. those working in a home office or those wishing to spread out an investment into AFMG software. AFMG will also look for ways to provide online training and educational opportunities to interested customers who have available time right now.

Let’s keep in touch!

Make sure that you stay up-to-date with respect to next steps that will be announced soon.

Feel free to contact us via email. The AFMG Team will gladly take care of your concerns.


AFMG Announces Record Year for 2019, Invests Heavily in EASE 5

2020-01-27 14:13

Within the last year AFMG successfully brought great development results to the market:

In autumn 2019 we released a major upgrade for the AURA module to version 4.
This enabled EASE users to perform advanced acoustical investigations even more effectively. AURA 4 has already been installed on hundreds of machines in more than 30 countries. The feedback we have received is overwhelming.
  AURA 4 Testimonial

Shortly afterwards the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program was started, giving a first group of EASE 4 users access to the current version of EASE 5 under development. Their feedback is very valuable to us in order to work on suggested new features. This allows us to better assure the future release of EASE 5 will enable our customers to effectively work on their acoustic and sound system design projects.

If you are an EASE 4 user, do not miss the chance to actively participate in the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program and development. To get an interesting overview of the new features and the status of EASE 5, you can also stop by our booth at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany or InfoComm in Las Vegas, USA.


EASE 5 Early Adopter version

All in all, 2019 was a record-breaking year for AFMG. Due to a growth of more than 10%, the company again achieved the highest revenue in its history. Accordingly, several substantial investments as well as hiring additional staff members have been put on the agenda for 2020.

We wish our customers and partners a successful year 2020 and look forward to our cooperation together.To stay current regarding our product updates, seminars and trade shows, please register for AFMG News.

AFMG Adds New Staff, and Says Goodbye to a Senior Colleague in His Retirement

2020-01-23 13:00

AFMG announces the following changes to its workforce: Waldemar Richert retired in July 2019, Nikolai Moesus and Monyze Visoto have joined AFMG recently.

Waldemar Richert  
Waldemar has worked with AFMG since its early days and has been involved with the development and support of many of our flagship products. From EASERA and SysTune to SoundFlow and EASE, Waldemar’s technical contributions are countless. His clinical eye and professional doggedness were always highly appreciated by his colleagues at AFMG, and will be missed after his retirement. We would like to give Waldemar Richert a special thank you on behalf of our company for almost 20 years of dedicated and hard work, and truly wish him all the best.
Waldemar Richert
Nikolai Moesus
Nikolai Moesus
Having received his Master in Computer Science degree with the best grade possible, Nikolai is a great fit for AFMG’s first class development team. He has solid experience in the C++ and C# programming languages, and is now well integrated into the team - “I love programming as a craft that generates useful tools. Contributing to fundamental and core features of EASE 5 is particularly interesting since it is a prestigious and complex project with high requirements for software architecture and code quality”.
Monyze Visoto  
Monyze has graduated in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Telecommunications. After having worked as a transmission systems engineer for several years, Monyze joined AFMG adding considerable resources to our quality control team - “Setting up automated testing routines to monitor and manage our software quality fits me very well. I like to investigate each function deeply, trying to find errors, and always putting myself in the user's place to make his experience better”.
Monyze Visoto

We are very glad to welcome Nikolai Moesus and Monyze Visoto to our headquarters in Berlin.

AFMG is continuously growing and is always looking for new talent to expand our development, support, marketing, and sales teams in Berlin. If you are interested in our company’s activities and would like to collaborate with us, we invite you to visit the employment section of our associated company SDA for our current job openings.