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New Opportunity for Improved Loudspeaker Presentation in EASE® Focus 3

Recently extended with line array optimization functions, the GLL Plug-In API for EASE Focus 3 can be used by loudspeaker manufacturers to show innovative features of their loudspeaker systems and thus boost their application in practice.

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Educational Opportunities for EASE Users During Covid-19

As an EASE user, there are a range of resources you can refer to during this time to improve your skills with the software. Here we have summarized some of the most valuable references.

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Freevox Strengthens AFMG® Distribution in France

In December 2020, Freevox became AFMG’s new distribution partner in France with Thibaud Mézard as product specialist.

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AFMG Loudspeaker Data Authorization – Key Factor for Successful Market Placement

Especially in the Covid-19 crisis, it is essential for loudspeaker manufacturers to give their products the best start as well as to continuously expand their reach. AFMG® is now offering substantial relief on investments in software licenses for loudspeakers for a limited time...

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AFMG Navigated 2020 Well, Sets Course for 2021

A year of turbulence is now coming to an end. For many of us, 2020 meant overcoming sudden challenges, finding new strategies for the business, and joining forces with others. At the same time there are also positive things to report and reasons to look optimistically into the future...

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STI Calculations According to New Edition of IEC 60268-16

September 2020: A new edition of the standard for the objective evaluation of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index (STI) has been published. Read more about what's new...

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AFMG Software Trainings Are Moving On

There is always time for training. AFMG® software trainings are continuing in times of Covid-19. Find out about our plans for the second half of the year.

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