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AFMG Realigns Marketing & Sales Team

2016-05-26 12:05

AFMG announces the following changes to its marketing and sales team: Thilo Schütz will leave the company in June, Pedro Lima and Martina Lange joined the team recently.

Thilo Schütz leaving AFMG

For more than five years Thilo Schütz headed AFMG´s efforts of building and growing its marketing and sales department. During this period the AFMG brand was significantly strengthened, new products were introduced worldwide, and the turnover increased remarkably. Now Thilo is looking forward to new challenges and projects. He will leave the company as of June 30th this year. The management at AFMG is thankful for Thilo’s great work and his many contributions to the company´s success.

AFMG will continue to expand its staff in Berlin and abroad and is glad to announce that the team will be strengthened by two recognized experts in their fields.

Pedro Lima joining AFMG marketing & sales team

Having worked for several years as a product specialist for AFMG and as a regional representative in Brazil, Pedro Lima has now joined the marketing & sales team of AFMG as a sales engineer. Since Pedro also worked directly with AFMG’s software development team for more than six years he will assume a number of product management duties, as well. AFMG is very happy to welcome Pedro in his new position.

Martina Lange joined AFMG as product development manager

Martina Lange joined AFMG as of March 1st in the position of a manager for product development and QC. Martina brings more than twenty years of experience in the fields of project management and IT consulting to AFMG. In her new role at the company she will be supporting the marketing and sales team from within the R&D team as well as managing relationships with development partners of AFMG. Already now, after only a few months, the positive impact of Martina’s work has become apparent in AFMG’s daily business.

These additions reflect AFMG’s continuous growth process and the accompanying need for close integration of product development, support, and marketing. A high degree of communication and interaction among all teams and partners is essential for the success of AFMG’s sophisticated software solutions and services.


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