Six measurement seminars with SysTune 1.1 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

2009-08-18 17:27

Class AFMG is happy to announce another series of measurement workshops in German-speaking countries.

These 2-day classes run by instructor Markus Zehner provide in-depth knowledge for beginners as well as for advanced users. The seminars focus especially on tuning sound reinforcement systems using EASERA SysTune 1.1. Features of the new Pro version of SysTune will be covered as well.

Make sure you register soon, since these classes are usually sold out quickly.

Class schedule:

  • Wed/Thu, 30. Sep / 1. Oct 2009 in Ludwigsburg, hosted and supported by TW Audio
  • Mon/Tue, 05./06. Oct 2009 in Wesel (Cologne/Köln area), hosted and supported by AD Systems
  • Mon/Tue, 12./13. Oct 2009 in Berlin
  • Tue/Wed, 20./21. Oct 2009 in Basel
  • Tue/Wed, 03./04. Nov 2009 in Straubing, hosted and supported by Bosch/EVI Audio
  • Mon/Tue, 16./17. Nov 2009 in Vienna/Wien

Register Now (German)

Please note that Markus Zehner also offers entry-level workshops in room-acoustics:

  • Room-Acoustics for Recording Studios
  • Room-Acoustics for Home Theatres


EASE Focus Database updated

2009-08-18 12:20


The following companies recently licensed EASE Focus:

  • REAL SOUND, China
  • 3BDIO, China

The industry standard for line array modeling is now supported by more than 50 loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide.

The following database updates are now available:

  • Community: Entasys column loudspeakers
  • DAS: Aero 50 and 12A line array systems

The free software download and more information are located here:

EASE Focus Website

EASE Address Database updated

2009-08-17 12:20


The following databases updates are now available:

  • Electro-Voice: New GLL data files for 14 loudspeakers for EASE Address 1.1, including EVID series

EASE Address Website

EASE 4.3 released

2009-08-04 20:55

We have published the first release version of EASE 4.3 on August 4th. This free upgrade for all EASE 4.0/4.1/4.2 users includes a set of major additions, such as:

  • A-weighted mappings according to standard IEC 61672
  • STI according to IEC 60268-16 including signal and noise masking effects, also available for EASE Jr users
  • Import and export of Google Sketchup and DXF 2000 data formats
  • Multi-threading support for the room-acoustic module AURA, making it up to 10 times faster on a quad-core PC
  • EASE SpeakerLab v1.1 with numerous new features and analysis options
  • Broadband mappings based on pink noise input signal
  • Project data module revised with respect to loudspeaker properties and database selection
  • much more...

The upgrade can be downloaded from the AMG Download Portal.

EASE Developer's Website

EASE SpeakerLab 1.1 and Pro version released

2009-08-04 20:16

With the release of EASE 4.3 an update for EASE SpeakerLab was released as well, including the following new features:

  • New graphs and graph adjustment functions
  • Support for transformers for high-impedance network applications modeled in EASE Address
  • Loudspeaker clusters can now be customized by the end user, if allowed by the creator of the GLL
  • Internal filters can be overridden by configuration files, similar to DSP processor settings
  • Improved export of graphics and results
  • Various extensions to GLL and GSS formats

The standard version of EASE SpeakerLab 1.1 is part of all EASE 4.3 licenses. The free upgrade can be downloaded from the AFMG Download Portal.

SpeakerLab Pro is now available as well. It adds the following functions:

  • Ideal sources, such as rectangular, linear and circular sources
  • Support for vector graphics output
  • Interactive data display and calculation
  • Export to tabular loudspeaker data formats of EASE and other platforms

The Pro version of EASE SpeakerLab is not part of EASE 4.3 and only available directly from AFMG. Additionally we offer advanced technical support for SpeakerLab users in cooperation with our partners.


EASE SpeakerLab Website

EASE Focus 1.62 released

2009-07-23 21:03


This free update published on the 23rd of July includes the following changes:

  • Full compliance with Microsoft Vista
  • Bugfixes for print report function
  • Support for extensions to EFO data file format
  • Several minor improvements and bugfixes

The new version can be downloaded here:

»  EASE Focus Website

JAES publishes line array article

2009-07-11 21:10

AES AFMG is proud to announce that recently another article on sound system modeling was published by the Journal of the AES. It presents some of the theoretical background of the EASE GLL loudspeaker data format and offers an extensive overview of its validation by measurement. The article was co-authored by Ambrose Thompson at Martin Audio.

»  Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation by S. Feistel, A. Thompson and W. Ahnert. The authors are grateful for the support given by the R&D teams at Martin Audio and Kling & Freitag.


Live Sound International about SysTune

2009-06-29 21:13

Live Sound International has recently published an introductory article about EASERA SysTune written by Charlie Hughes.

Loudspeaker Measurements using EASERA SysTune

tl_files/afmg/images/news/CHSmall.JPG AFMG is thankful for the support given by its power user Charlie Hughes. He has been in the professional audio industry for over 20 years, having worked at Peavey Electronics and Altec Lansing. Charlie holds a Physics degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and currently runs Excelsior Audio Design & Services; a consultation, design and measurement services company based near Charlotte, NC.

Charlie Hughes has already written numerous papers about using AFMG's software products. Among them are:

Also, AFMG and Charlie Hughes collaborated on the AES paper Simulating the Directivity Behavior of Loudspeakers with Crossover Filters. See Excelsior Audio for more.

Loudspeaker Database Updates

2009-06-10 20:31

For our simulation software packages, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:


  • Community: R-Series Update, 2 new VFL-Subs
  • d&b audiotechnik: Data for T, J and Q series line arrays
  • Meyer Sound: Various new GLL data files, e.g. for M'elodie, MILO and UPJ
  • One Systems: Entirely new database
  • Pan Acoustics: DLL for PanBeam series
  • QSC: Various new GLL data files, for ADC and ADS series
  • Tannoy: Various new GLL data files, for CMS and CVS series
  • TOA: Various new GLL data files for SR-H, SR-C and SR-T line arrays

EASE Developer's Website


EASE Focus

EASE Focus:

  • RCF: TTL line array systems

EASE Focus Website



EASE Address:

  • Bosch: New GLL data files for 42 loudspeakers for EASE 4.3 and EASE Address 1.1, including transformer options

EASE Address Website

AFMG and DSPECIALISTS introduce Gateway x.8

2009-06-10 16:39

Gateway x.8

Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) will launch its new A/D-D/A converter, the 8-input EASERA Gateway x.8, at Infocomm on June 17-19 in Orlando, Florida, with its worldwide distributor Renkus-Heinz (Booth 6608).

The x.8 is the product of a collaboration between AFMG and German hardware designers DSPECIALISTS, and is designed to complement AFMG’s EASERA and SysTune audio measurement software tools to provide sound system engineers with a complete PA system tuning package.

Read more ...

German Version ...

General information about AFMG's measurement software can be found here:

EASERA SysTune Website

EASERA Website