136th AES Convention 2014, Berlin, Germany, 26th-29th April 2014

2014-04-11 12:01

136th AES Convention Berlin

Consultants, technicians, manufacturers, distributors and all other audio-enthusiasts are most welcome to visit the 136th international AES Convention from April 26th to 29th, 2014 in Berlin, Germany and join us at our booth. 

Visit us and meet our specialists to talk about our products! We would be pleased to welcome you!

Register for your free ticket here:    http://www.aes.org/events/136/vip.cfm?564

136th international AES Convention, Berlin, 2014

SysTune T-Shirts now Available for Purchase

2014-04-01 14:24

SysTune T-Shirts are now available for purchase.

After many inquiries from all continents (excluding Antarctica), we have decided to make the popular "I'm a SysTuner" t-shirt available for purchase through our Online Store.

The t-shirt was first introduced with the release of SysTune 1.2 in spring 2012. AFMG sent over 300 shirts to SysTuners around the globe with the Facebook lottery held in conjunction with the launch. Additional "trade a shirt" games were held at the fair appearances AFMG has made since then - all of them with great success.

Of course, only a few SysTuners actually have the possibility to meet us at a tradeshow. Understanding the grief and sorrow expressed in many emails, we are now offering the shirts for purchase through our Online Store.

Purchase SysTuner T-Shirts here...

ProLight + Sound 2014 - FIRmaker On The Rise!

2014-03-21 12:25

The 2014 AFMG booth crew (left to right): managing director Stefan Feistel, Thilo Schuetz, Bruce C. Olson, and Indian distributor Didier Weiss from Sound Wizard

Last week, AFMG attended the ProLight + Sound fair in Germany for the fourth time. Building on the success of our FIRmaker technology released at the show in 2013, this year showed another 20% increase of highly professional visitors to our booth. Last year, already a dozen manufacturers have signed FIRmaker license agreements. The attention we received for FIRmaker optimization technology at the ProLight + Sound fair this year foreshadows a broad range of further companies investing into this fascinating technology.

Along with the release of EASE Focus 2.5 which incorporates FIRmaker technology AFMG released EASE 4.4 and SysTune 1.3 at the fair. Both programs have drawn many interested consultants, specifiers, and system technicians to our booth for live demos and talks.

Continuing the tradition of external experts supporting AFMG at the stand Mr. Didier Weiss from Sound Wizard, AFMG's Indian distributor, joined the 2014 show to provide advice and consultation to visitors.

EASE Focus 2.5 with FIRmaker Released

2014-03-04 22:35

2013 will be remembered as the "FIRmaker year" at AFMG. After years of research on the optimization technology, our developers, now, had the chance to integrate the revolutionary approach with the practical aspects of large scale sound systems. Thanks to the support of a dozen enthusiastic FIRmaker customers, a feature set has been compiled to make FIRmaker optimizations easy and fast to use, providing exactly the options necessary for quick, to the point FIR filter tuning on site.

Employing EASE Focus 2 as the first host application was the logical step to take. In 2013 the list of EASE Focus 2 licensees has passed 50 brands - all of which can now immediately and effortlessly benefit from FIRmaker optimization when licensing the technology. In the coming years, FIRmaker will also become available in other AFMG programs as well as third-party software.

Even though a large amount of work was invested into the FIRmaker adaptations, EASE Focus 2 itself has undergone several enhancements. A comprehensive list of new features includes

  • FIRmaker optimizations available for all brands that publicly licensed the technology.
  • Define target areas and areas to avoid for optimizations in EASE Focus 2.
  • Group multiple cabinets to one FIR channel before optimizing.
  • Set automatic equlization options before running optimizations to achieve a desired system response.
  • Owners of FIRmaker Generator licenses can save FIR filters to file or write them directly into supported devices.
  • Long list of verified and supported DSPs available.
  • Geometry entry in EASE Focus 2 has been improved.
  • Single loudspeakers can be rotated to support under-balcony systems, lying front fills or the like.
  • Rigging details now provide information on the bottom angle and height of an array to allow easy installation using inclinometers.
  • Array configurations can be exported for further use in EASE to speed up work of system designers, specifyers, and consultants.

Only one year after the introduction of FIRmaker technology, AFMG will release EASE Focus 2.5, the first software tool with FIRmaker integration, at ProLight + Sound fair on March 12, 2014.

As in the past, EASE Focus 2 will remain free for use by the end user.


A typical church installation with professional line array but not yet optimized. The same setup after FIRmaker optimization has been applied. 


AFMG SysTune 1.3 Released

2014-03-04 16:23

SysTune users who have been following the development of version 1.3 since its first preview at ProLight + Sound fair a year ago can now prepare for the actual release of SysTune 1.3. From March 12, 2014 the new version will be available in every owner's account in AFMG's Download Portal.

Next to many structural changes to underlying algorithms like the flexible licensing system of AFMG and other changes already preparing future releases, users will benefit from the following additions and improvements.

  • Lab.gruppen Lake Controller plug-in for real-time measurements from within the DSP software
  • Plug-in for exporting to and importing from d&b R1 controller
  • Compatibility update for our unique Web Interface, e.g. for iOS6
  • Web Interface now supports choosing between multiple networks on the same computer
  • Enhancements to handling of custom excitation signals
  • Compatibility update for various audio drivers, e.g. Presonus and Focusrite
  • Various bugfixes and cosmetic improvements


EASE Version 4.4 Released

2014-02-28 13:40

Berlin, Germany, February 27, 2014 – Being actively developed since the 1980’s, AFMG’s EASE simulation platform has become the industry standard for the prediction of room and electro-acoustical parameters. With thousands of loudspeaker models listed in the extensive EASE database the software has made its way from a niche product to an indispensable tool employed by acousticians and system designers worldwide. – At ProLight+Sound fair, March 2014 in Frankfurt, AFMG will be releasing the next upgrade with a range of enhancements to the program.

Import projects from Trimble SketchUp and many other CAD tools

The EASE software suite consists of two different program versions and three optional modules to cover all demands of acoustical simulations starting from professional sound system design with EASE JR all the way to highly intricate acoustic designs of concert halls and the like where EASE Standard together with the AURA module is the tool of choice. Stefan Feistel, AFMG’s managing director explains that, 
“due to the risen requirements for speech intelligibility of voice evacuation systems in all areas of public life,

 the recent years have shown a large increase of EASE design projects from shopping malls to airport terminals, industry plants or even oil drilling platforms.”

Next to several new products that have expanded AFMG’s product range, the company has invested a large amount of time and resources into furthering the development of EASE. The new version 4.4 adds a range of important features and enhanced functionality. Some of the more important ones are expanded import/export compatibility with Trimble SketchUp, Autodesk AutoCAD and a long list of other, DXF-compatible CAD programs as well as the update of STI calculations which are now performed according to IEC 60268-16:2011.

AURA – High-End Simulations Faster!

The AURA module is the most important add-on to EASE Standard. Along with a set of additional parameters that can be derived from sophisticated ray-tracing calculations it incorporates a range of sound scattering simulation options which can be used to achieve highly realistic results. AURA fully supports multi-threading, making best use of modern CPUs with multiple kernels. Acousticians can evaluate echograms and histograms, getting an accurate and encompassing insight into the field of reflections which can be expected at any given point in a room.

Sophisticated room designs in EASE 4.4

Naturally, any meticulous calculations will always be time-consuming to a degree which is proportional to the accuracy achieved by the algorithm. Nonetheless, AFMG developers have done a fantastic job in refining and optimizing the AURA engine. Computations of large projects are performed approximately twice as fast in EASE 4.4 as they have been previously!

Another interesting premium feature now available in the AURA module is the output of locally calculated impulse responses in Ambisonics B-format. This format can then be used for auralizations in specialized listening rooms to produce a very natural, full surround sound field played back on multi-channel loudspeaker setups.

InfraRed – Plan Assistive Listening Systems the Professional Way!

Simulate infrared coverage and SNR in your EASE 4.4 project

Already presented as a preview at InfoComm, Orlando, 2013 the final version of the all-new EASE InfraRed module is now available together with EASE 4.4. Preferably bundled with EASE JR, the InfraRed module extends the simulation powers of EASE into the world of assistive listening systems. As a project originally developed together with Sennheiser, the combined powers of leading manufacturers Listen Technologies and Williams Sound have helped to make EASE InfraRed a powerful tool for planning and specifying modern infrared systems.

“We are confident that simulating infrared performance in a venue with EASE InfraRed will guarantee the success of our AV systems designers and consultants,” says Tim Schaeffer, Vice President Strategic Development at Listen Technologies. Paul Ingebrigtsen, president and CEO of Williams Sound adds, “This is a great tool for consultants and system designers to ensure successful designs that will save their clients time and money."

EASE 4.4 – New Licensing Policy and Prices

EASE 4.4 supports Microsoft Windows up to version 8.1 and runs smoothly under Parallels Desktop or in Apple Boot Camp. As with all AFMG software, the minor version upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 is free of charge for existing users and can be downloaded directly from the AFMG Download Portal.

A unique feature of all AFMG programs is the flexible “roaming” license. User Keys to a license can easily be transferred from one computer to another through the AFMG License Server. EASE 4.4 has received a significant overhaul to bring the underlying protocol layer into line with the demands of the modern internet. At the same time, the historic 2-PC license for one user has been adapted to the current, comparable 1 User Key per user system.

The prices for the different program versions and separately available modules will not change with the upgrade. EASE Standard is still available for 1760 EUR (approx. 2420 USD) while the entry-level EASE JR costs 640 EUR (approx. 880 USD).

EASE 3 – Product Discontinued in December 2014

AFMG has been providing support, User Key replacements and upgrade opportunities for EASE version 3 for far over a decade. Now, the company announces that with the end of the year 2014 all support activities will seize and upgrade options to version 4 will no longer be offered. – Users still working with old EASE 3 versions are requested to purchase upgrades to EASE 4.4 within the course of the year.


For more information please visit http://ease.afmg.eu.

For further inquiries, please contact AFMG directly: sales@afmg.eu.

Williams Sound Adds Complete Product Range to EASE InfraRed Database

2014-02-28 09:49

Paul Ingebrigtsen "We are pleased to partner with AFMG to include our Infrared Products coverage data in the new release of EASE software," says Paul Ingebrigtsen, president and CEO of Williams Sound.  “This is a great tool for consultants and system designers to ensure successful designs that will save their clients time and money."

Please visit the Williams Sound website to learn more about Williams Sound and download Williams Sound device data.

EASE Focus - More than 50 Licensees!

2014-02-14 16:40

AFMG is proud to declare that the success of EASE Focus 2 continues. By the end of 2013, more than 50 loudspeaker brands have been licensed for use with the world's
most-installed sound system simulation tool!

The past months have seen a further increase in downloads and installs of the software. Continously more than 1,000 monthly installs from AFMG's website alone are a tremendous amount. The rising number of licensees is proof of concept and a large compliment to AFMG. EASE Focus 2 remains to be the most flexible and all-encompassing simulation software for direct sound dispersion employed worldwide.

With the integration of FIRmaker optimization technology in Focus 2.5 AFMG takes another large step in the right direction. For manufacturers who have also licensed FIRmaker technology EASE Focus 2.5 will enable the full optimization power. - The release of EASE Focus 2.5 is expected for March 2014.

Loudspeaker manufacturers interested in supplying their data to the EASE Focus community, please contact AFMG directly: sales@afmg.eu