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AFMG's EASE Focus v2 goes Beta

2010-02-02 11:20

Focus 2 Beta 1
Screenshot Focus 2 Beta 1

The Beta cycle of the version 2 upgrade for Focus, AFMG's generic line array aiming software, was launched on the 2nd of February. The new version of Focus includes many major new features, such as:

  • 3D modeling capabilities including horizontal coverage and elevation views
  • Support for hi-res EASE GLL loudspeaker data
  • Multiple line arrays in one project
  • Application of digitally steered columns
  • Virtual EQ
  • much more...

If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

  • Be an experienced user of EASE Focus v1.62
  • Be able to communicate by email
  • Read, fill out and sign the Beta form located here: Beta Form Focus v2

General information about the software can be found here:

EASE Focus Website

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